Jessica Simpson Celebrates The Last Few Hours Of Her 30s, Still Sexy In Ripped Jeans

It is hard to believe but Jessica Simpson turns 40 on Friday. The stunning singer and model rocked a pair of True Religion jeans —which she noted had been hanging in her closet for the last 14 years — for a celebratory pre-birthday selfie she posted on Thursday evening.

Within the first hour, almost 140,000 Instagram fans had clicked the "like" button.

Jessica's low-rise jeans were boot-cut with a medium wash. They were frayed in small patches around the pockets and the slim waistband. Both upper legs were worn through to soft horizontal threads of fabric. There was a large hole over the left knee, with a corresponding one on the right mid-thigh. The distressed look of the pants appeared to be a combination of the original design and many years of wear.

Jessica topped off the jeans with a loose-fitting black shirt with an apparent tie-dye pattern in fuchsia and gold shades.

Her famous blond tresses were parted in the center and just grazed her shoulders. She didn't appear to be wearing much, if any, makeup, but still rocked her ageless beauty effortlessly.

She held her phone at eye level to capture her gorgeous reflection for the selfie.

An elegant fireplace and enormous sleigh bed were in the background, as well as an ornately carved wooden table and an exquisitely constructed wall hanging.

Jessica's 5.4 million fans were thrilled to celebrate with her from afar, and thousands of them filled the comments section with adoring well-wishes and congratulations. Many messages contained series of heart, flame and applause emoji. Other fans were inclined to express their compliments in words.

"Remember on Newlyweds when it was your bday and you were complaining about turning 23 because it was almost mid-20-s which was almost 30 haha!! I'm right there with you!" reminisced one of her dedicated followers.

"You and your closet are an inspiration!!" gushed a second fan, who followed the comment with seasonally appropriate firecracker emoji.

"You're such an itty bitty thing. but also, weren't true religions just the best?" inquired a third person.

Jessica responded enthusiastically in the affirmative, and added a green heart emoji.

"You look amazing!!! Happy birthday from one July 10th birthday to another!!!" raved a fourth follower, who apparently happens to be one of Jessica's birthday twins.

A recent report from The Inquisitr indicates that Jessica has been gearing up for this milestone celebration for a number of weeks now. She displayed her wild side as she flaunted her booty in a tiny print bikini and cowboy hat while frolicking on the beach.