Bruna Rangel Lima Flaunts Incredible Cleavage And Voluptuous Thighs In Tiny Bikini

Insanely hot bikini model Bruna Rangel Lima gave her 4 million Instagram followers a little taste of the outdoors in her most recent post on Thursday evening. The stunning image garnered 12,000 likes in just over 20 minutes after going live.

Bruna wore a revealing bikini in an abstract palm tree print in earthy shades, with black and white accents. The top was constructed of triangular cups and straps that sat wide across her shoulders, perfectly exposing the rounded swells of her ample cleavage. High-cut matching bottoms wrapped around her hips, flaunting her narrow waist and voluptuous thighs.

She balanced on both knees with her legs spread apart and cocked her left hip to one side, resting her left arm against her rear. Her right arm was raised to her long, platinum mane, her pose emphasizing the slim lines of her torso.

The model’s hair was parted down the middle and styled very straight. She pulled it over one shoulder so that it spilled over one of her breasts, leaving her slender neck and delicate collarbone visible on the other side.

The Brazilian-born beauty wore a flattering makeup application that highlighted her gorgeous bone structure and golden complexion. Her dark eyes were expertly defined with contouring shadow, liner, and mascara. Her brows were perfectly groomed, and her seductively parted lips were painted a pale pink shade.

She accessorized with gold drop earrings with tiny hoops attached. Two thin bands were visible on her left thumb and forefinger. Her long fingernails were painted a light opaque color.

Behind Bruna was a natural scene filled with foliage.

In the corresponding caption, she indicated that her suit was from Brukinis Brazilian Bikinis, which is her online swimwear company.

Bruna’s devoted fans were eager to express their adoration for the Instagram model’s sultry appearance and sexy attire.

“Looks like paradise over there,” complimented one fan, presumably referring to both the model and the setting.

“Incredibly hot and stunning, love!” exclaimed a second person, who followed the comment with a series of heart, flame, and kiss emoji.

“No matter what the destination, it only matters to enjoy what we do,” mused a third follower.

Based on her prolific social media presence, it appears that Bruna does, indeed, enjoy what she does.

She has been sharing her tropical summer vibes with viewers all week. On Tuesday, she was frolicking at the beach in a white monokini decorated with a pink floral and palm fronds pattern.