John McCain Calls North Korean Dictator A ‘Clown’ [Video]

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is increasingly aggressive and unpredictable these days, but one lawmaker seems to think the only thing the dictator is accomplishing is making a fool of himself.

Arizona Senator John McCain told Fox News host Greta Van Susteren that if North Korea decides to launch a test missile, the U.S. will swat it out of the air to prove a point. “We show young Kim Jong Un that we can take out his capabilities. We can show that to him.”

McCain did admit that dealing with North Korea is “dangerous business,” but doesn’t seem terribly threatened by Kim Jong Un’s threats.

“This guy [Kim] is a clown. He’s a fool, so was his father and so was his grandfather. But they do have nuclear weapons. They do have missiles… in caves is artillery which can be fired before we can take them out,” McCain said.

Though McCain didn’t seem worried about the U.S. in the event of an attack from North Korea, he did show concern for our allies in the area.

“There’s a city of Seoul with millions of people. This is very dangerous business. Now logically, would he ever contemplate such a thing? I think it’s pretty clear this guy and his father and grandfather didn’t think like us.”

McCain also opined that the key to keeping North Korea well-behaved is China, but he didn’t go into detail about what the country should or could do.

“The key to this is China. The Chinese can control what the North Koreans do,” he said.

In recent weeks, President Obama has received criticism for proposed cuts to the U.S. defense budget, what with North Korea threatening military action against the country and her allies.

Rep. Buck McKeon told CNN on Friday that another $150 billion cut from defense is unimaginable, especially when the president knew of the threat North Korea posed before he introduced the proposed cuts.

“No one really understands what’s in the mind of this new dictator there. So we have to be totally prepared to handle any situation,” he said.

“This is the steepest cut ever in our defense and our national security. And we’re doing it at a time when we’re in a very precarious situation all around the world,” added the House Armed Services Committee chairman.

What do you think? Should the U.S. be considering cuts to defense as North Korea becomes increasingly hostile? Does Kim Jong Un really pose a threat? Sound off!

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