Abby Dowse Slays, Shows Off Curves In Familiar Bodysuit With Fishnet Leggings

Australian fitness model and Instagram star Abby Dowse has a tendency to offer fans different looks at her athletic physique and sinuous figure in the same outfit across multiple updates on her popular feed. The 30-year-old continued to do so on July 9 with a post featuring a sizzling mirrored selfie in which she sported a tight, black bodysuit with fishnet leggings that had featured in a photo post less than 24 hours earlier.

And while the earlier Instagram update offered her 2.3 million followers a look at her cheeky side in the scanty garment, Dowse's latest offering eschewed the booty shot for a front view of her curvaceous form and beautiful face.

The Sydney, New South Wales product tagged the online boutique Fashion Nova in the accompanying caption, while also indicating that her bodysuit was a perfect fit.

With her eyes seemingly focused on the screen of her smartphone as she took the selfie, Dowse sat sideways in a white chair with her legs spread and her back slightly arched. The walls, curtains, bed and other furnishings that were visible in the shot were all bright white, providing stark contrast to her black bodysuit and slightly sun-kissed skin.

While one of her hands held the smartphone for the picture, the other grasped the top of the chair. That and all of the other elements that went into her pose greatly accentuated her curves.

In the bottom left corner of the photo frame, a cat was visibly lounging on the carpet near her feet, which were covered by black and white shoes reminiscent of classic Chuck Taylor Converse All-Stars.

Dowse's second update featuring the black bodysuit proved to be another engaging one for her admirers. In just over an hour after going live on her feed, it had been double-tapped to the tune of nearly 7,000 likes. Meanwhile, the comment thread was filled with almost 150 replies.

"Wow, you are looking gorgeous babe so perfect," wrote one fan, adding a blast of emoji for emphasis.

"You are absolutely stunning," opined a second commenter in similar fashion.

"So gorgeous! Love this on you!" wrote fellow fitness model Kelly Daymond, who was thanked by Dowse in short order.

"It's perfection," added another fan. "As are all your combos."

As previously shared by The Inquisitr, Dowse's earlier post was a big hit with her faithful following, featuring a revealing rear view of her firm body in the same black bodysuit.