Cassandre Davis Flaunts Bare Booty In Steamy Post-Shower Snap

Selfie of Cassandre Davis
Cassandre Davis / Instagram

Gorgeous fitness model Cassandre “Casi” Davis gave her 1.3 million Instagram followers a tantalizing treat on Thursday afternoon.

The sizzling post displayed Casi in all her glory, with her bits covered strategically by a fluffy white towel.

In less than an hour after it was online, it received over 40,000 likes.

The Miami-based bombshell photographed herself reflected in a large mirror with a teak-colored wooden frame. She posed with her right side facing the mirror, angled very slightly so that her full backside was the overall focus.

Her blond hair was damp and parted on one side. It fell halfway down her back in loose curls, almost grazing the top of her voluptuous bottom.

Casi’s left elbow was bent and her forearm rested across the front of her body, precariously pinning the corner of her towel against the top of her right breast. A glimpse of the rounded curve of her underboob was visible underneath.

Her right arm lay against her side, and she demurely rested her hand just below her abdomen, holding the edge of towel against the front of her torso.

She also held her cell phone in her left hand, partially obscuring most of her gorgeous face. The corner of her right lash line and her high cheekbone were visible through the strands of hair that framed her visage.

She was bathed in what appears to be natural light streaming through a window behind her.

Her curves were beautifully highlighted, particularly the spectacular swell of her famous derriere beneath her arched back and tiny waist.

Casi’s specific location was not geotagged, but the background reflected in the image suggests that Casi just popped out of the shower at an elegant hotel.

She stood in front of a countertop on which a collection of matching travel-sized toiletries were displayed, nested decoratively into a hand towel.

An expanse of open wooden shelving and closet space was visible behind the beautiful model, all empty with the exception of multiple stacks a fresh rolled towels.

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Ready for another vacay.

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Casi’s dedicated fans were eager to express their heartfelt adoration for her shapely appearance.

A collection of heart and flame emoji flooded her comments section almost immediately, but the most prolific was the peach emoji, unquestionably referring to Casi’s killer cheeks.

Other followers seemed rendered almost speechless; most of the other comments were single-word declarations of awe, many referring to a higher heavenly power.

“FML,” declared one person, following the acronym with drooling and flame emoji.

“MA’AM,” exclaimed another, directly after the comment above. This person added crying and double heart emoji.

“YUMMMMMMMMM,” praised a third fan.