Mariana Morais Stuns In Tiny Tie-Dye Bikini, Teases A Day Of '10/10 Good Vibes'

Instagram beauty Mariana Morais was back in a bikini for her latest slate of photographs. The Thursday afternoon post contained 10 stunning snaps that she noted were taken on Wednesday, and her followers had plenty to say about these.

The caption for Mariana's new post stated that she had taken a luxury rental car out for a spin on Wednesday. It appeared to be a white Mercedes-Benz convertible, and she clearly enjoyed the opportunity she had to drive around town in the stunning vehicle.

In the first photo, Mariana sat on the hood of the convertible. She braced herself with one arm and smiled toward the camera as she struck a sultry pose. She wore a pair of sunglasses and had a scarf covering her long blond hair as she stunned everybody with her choice in bikinis.

The swimwear that Mariana wore for these new photos had a tie-dye pattern that contained pink, blue, orange, and yellow hues. The tiny top showed quite a bit of underboob and much of her cleavage, and her fantastic physique dominated the snap.

Mariana posed in several slightly different positions while sitting on the hood of the car, giving her hundreds of thousands of fans jaw-dropping views of her figure from virtually every possible angle.

Mariana did not limit herself to flaunting just her cleavage and legs, though. She also shared photos that gave her a chance to showcase her curvy backside and sizzling-hot abs.

The 21-year-old native of Brazil stood in front of the Mercedes at one point, angled so that she could show off her pert derriere. From the moment these new images were uploaded to her page, her followers rushed to show their love.

Mariana's post received nearly 20,000 likes in a mere 35 minutes and dozens of her fans commented as well. In her caption, she noted that it had been an amazing day filled with good vibes.

"Stunningly beautiful," one of Mariana's fans remarked.

"I'm completely speechless how can someone be this perfect," questioned an impressed follower.

Mariana did not appear to note the brand of bikini she was wearing, but quite a few people were asking about it. A number of followers relied on positive emoji to show their appreciation for this slate of photos, and both men and women were seemingly almost drooling over what they saw.

"God how can you not be obsessed with a girl as perfect as YOU," one person wrote.

"Girl crush," another person teased.

Mariana shares plenty of bikini snaps on her Instagram page, but these new pictures seemed to take the model's sexy vibe to entirely new levels.