Gemstar Bares Her Insane Curves In Skintight Dress

Selfie of model Gemstar
Gemstar / Instagram

Instagram model Gemstar posted a sizzling pair of images that flaunted her incredible body on Thursday morning, thrilling her 2.2 million Instagram fans. The post garnered almost 15,000 likes and over 400 comments in the first half hour it was online.

The snap showed the sultry brunette on a balcony overlooking an expanse of lush green trees with a smattering of white buildings interspersed throughout.

Gemstar, as she is known professionally, wore a stunning abstract-print dress by Fashion Nova Curve that clung to every inch of her body.

It had an asymmetrical hem that brushed her calves at the longest point, but was cut all the way up her massively toned thigh on the other side.

Long sleeves and a high neck covered her chiseled arms and decolletage, but the stretch of the fabric across her amazing figure still left little to the imagination.

Her ample breasts swelled above her remarkably narrow waist, the bright sunshine casting an underboob shadow across her torso.

Simple yet elegant nude stiletto heels complemented the earthy tones of the dress.

She did not have any visible accessories, but her toes and long fingernails were both painted a summery white.

In the first image, Gemstar was perched on a deep blue couch with an industrial iron frame that echoed the balcony railing directly behind her. She arched her back and balanced herself with both arms taut behind her. Both hands rested palm down on the cushion.

Even in a sitting position, the lines of her figure continuously led the viewer’s eye back to the alluring roundness of her backside.

Her muscular legs were completely bare. Both bent knees were swung to one side, almost touching one another. Her right leg was slightly more extended, displaying both shapely calves.

She had her head cocked and face tilted toward the sun. The vibrant natural light accentuated her exquisite bone structure.

Huge brown eyes were defined by dark shadow, liner, and a generous application of mascara. Bronzer and blush highlighted her high cheekbones. A pale pink lip completed the look.

Gemstar wore her shiny black hair parted in the middle. It was thrown behind her right shoulder and cascaded in loose curls on her left, beautifully framing her visage.

In the second photo, she was in the same location but was standing up. She lifted the right side of her dress almost to her waist, teasing viewers with a glimpse of her her incredible booty, for which she is well-known.