‘The Bachelorette’ Star Tyler Cameron Gets Real & Admits ‘Life’s Been Dark’ In Recent Months

Tyler Cameron celebrates National Vodka Day and National Taco Day
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Last year’s The Bachelorette runner-up, Tyler Cameron, shared a raw and honest post on his Instagram page on Wednesday. People are used to seeing Tyler crack jokes and exude confidence and positivity most of the time. However, fans who have followed him over the past year know he’s gone through some difficult experiences over the past few months as well. In this new post, he’s acknowledging how tough things have been.

After The Bachelorette finale last fall, Tyler moved to New York City and seemed to be living his best life. Things took a turn at the end of February when Tyler’s mom, Andrea Cameron, passed away suddenly.

Tyler has remained in his hometown of Jupiter, Florida, since his mom’s death. He has spent the past few months with his brothers, Ryan and Austin, his best friend and upcoming The Bachelor star, Matt James, and a few other close friends. The Bachelorette star Hannah Brown even joined Tyler, Matt, and the rest of the crew for a few weeks.

Many of Tyler’s social media posts over the past few months have focused on fun and light-hearted moments that he has shared with his brothers and friends. However, he showed everybody a much more vulnerable side of himself in his Wednesday post.

The post included a lengthy caption along with a photo of Tyler in the ocean. He was smiling in the photo, but open and honest in his caption. He admitted that life has been dark and tough lately.

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Life's been dark, life's been tough, life has seemed like a continuous beat down at times lately. One thing after another. But one thing I do know, life is still beautiful and the fight back is what makes it beautiful. My life has been dark ever since I've felt the coldness of death. I ain't been right. Simple as that. There's only one way out into the light and that is to fight, heal, fight, heal, and fight some more. But when I fight, I'm going to lead with love as I always have. I will always keep putting a smile on my face no matter how dark of times it is. Because that smile is love and love is light. I smile so those around me can smile. I smile because I want you to smile. I love those who support me and those who don't because I'll always lead with love. ❤️❤️❤️

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Tyler said that his life has been dark since he “felt the coldness of death.” This is most certainly a reference to his mom’s passing, and he added that he simply hasn’t been right since then.

Despite the heavy and intense emotional struggles he’s navigated, Tyler said that life was still beautiful. He explained that the fight itself to get back out of the darkness was beautiful, and that to find the light again, one had to fight, heal, and fight more.

The Bachelorette star promised that he would keep fighting and keep smiling no matter how tough things got. He said he would always lead with love, and his 2.3 million followers were quick to embrace him and shower him with their love.

“Your mama did an amazing job. Continued love and prayers you and your families way!” one fan commented.

“Such a sweet, beautiful soul! God bless you!” a follower shared.

Tyler’s post received more than 355,000 likes and 3,200 comments over the course of the first 16 hours after he had initially shared it. Many franchise veterans commented and lent their support, and fans did not hesitate to do the same.

“You do shine a light! Thank you for keeping on keeping on,” a third fan wrote.

While Tyler does have a tight network of friends and family members supporting him in-person through these dark times, it’s clear that a lot of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette fans have his back too.