Kate Beckinsale Rocks Tiny Bottoms While Doing Yoga With A Pet Cat On Her Mat

Kate Beckinsale entertained her 4.3 million Instagram followers with a new set of yoga videos that featured cameos by two of her adorable pets. The animals' behavior in the clips prompted the actress to quip that she had a "magical yogic connection" with the cat and dog.

In her first video, the Serendipity star wore a revealing ensemble that showed off her fit figure. Her workout wear included a supportive white sports bra with wide adjustable shoulder straps. Her bottoms were a pair of puffy dark blue briefs that featured a striped pattern and a hip-hugger silhouette. The garment somewhat resembled a pair of bloomers.

Kate wore her thick brunette mane pulled up in a chic high bun. She stood on a pink yoga mat, where she was joined by her pet Persian cat, Willow. The fluffy feline occupied the space that was right in front of her face when the actress stuck one long leg out behind her and bent forward to place her hands on the floor. It looked like she was trying to do the One-Legged Downward Dog, but her attempt at the pose named after a canine didn't phase Willow. The kitty didn't budge, save for her flicking tail.

Kate waved her hands around a bit, but Willow remained right where they were supposed to be. The star ended up repositioning her feet so that she could resume her workout. Willow briefly glanced up as she did a Downward Dog to Cobra transition.

Kate's second video showed her Pomeranian, Myf, disrupting a different yoga session. Kate rocked a baggy all-white ensemble, including a wide stretchy headband. She executed the Pigeon pose by curling one leg in front of her and extending the other out behind her on her yoga mat.

Myf seemed thrilled that Kate's face was on his level. She playfully bopped his snout, and he seemed to mimic the movement by lifting a paw toward her nose. This wasn't the first time the canine was a clever copycat. In a previous video, it looked like he was trying to follow along as Kate jumped her legs apart and back together.

While Kate's initial thought was that the power of yoga was drawing the animals to her, she mused that it was also possible that they were attracted to her odor. She quipped that perhaps she smelled like "a dead pheasant or some droppings."

"He does anything and everything to prove to you, it's his rule and you are just a mere peasant," wrote one fan in the comments section.

"Pheasant," read Kate's cheeky correction.

"In this time of utter madness, you continue to make me smile and giggle every single day," another commenter remarked.