Cindy Prado Sips Coffee In Tiny Black Shorts & A Half-Unzipped Hoodie

Cindy Prado takes a selfie.
Cindy Prado / Instagram

In her latest Instagram post, Cindy Prado flaunted her bombshell body in a casual ensemble as she shared a series of snaps followed by several short video clips. The pictures and video were taken in Miami, Florida, as the geotag indicated, and Cindy was in a modern-looking kitchen with white cabinets and countertops and a stainless steel stove visible behind her.

Cindy had two containers of collagen creamer on the counter in front of her. In the first snap, she held a small saucer in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. She flaunted her toned figure in a pair of skimpy black shorts with a drawstring waist. The waistband of the shorts came to just below her navel, and they barely extended down her thighs, leaving her lean legs on full display.

Cindy paired the casual shorts with an equally casual cropped hoodie that she unzipped almost entirely in the front. As a result, she put a tantalizing amount of cleavage on display, while one of the shoulders of the garment slid down her shoulder, exposing a bit of extra skin. She had the sleeves of the hoodie rolled up and the body had a loose fit, giving the entire ensemble an effortless vibe.

Cindy’s long locks tumbled down her chest in soft curls, and her beauty look was natural, with just enough makeup to accentuate her stunning features.

Cindy got playful in the second shot, pursing her lips slightly as she gazed down at the cup of coffee and appeared moments from taking a sip. In the third snap, she held one of the collagen creamer containers in one hand and her coffee in the other, with a layer of foam on her plump pout.

Cindy followed up the sizzling snaps with a series of videos in which she showed her followers how exactly she makes her collagen coffee.

Social media users loved the update, and the post racked up over 30,500 likes within 20 hours, as well as 368 comments from her eager fans.

“You are perhaps the most perfect human being I have ever seen,” one devotee commented.

“Where is your outfit from!!!!!!” a second user wrote, followed by a heart eyes emoji, loving Cindy’s casual look.

“Gorgeous as always! How do you make your hair like this, love?” one admirer asked.

“So beautiful,” another fan added simply, followed by a string of heart emoji.

Earlier this week, as The Inquisitr reported, Cindy shared a series of snaps in which she was enjoying an iced coffee beverage while out and about. For the occasion, she rocked a pair of Daisy Dukes and a sweater that was open at the bottom, leaving plenty of her toned stomach on display.