Internment And Resettlement Camps ‘Army Manual’ Goes Viral

An internment and resettlement camps “Army manual” has gone viral. The alleged military manual posted in PDF form shows a February 2010 creation date, but the text only recently found its way onto the internet. The manual and an equally viral YouTube video about the FEMA camps has some concerned about history repeating itself.

The diagrams of the internment and resettlement camps, often dubbed FEMA camps, are eerily similar to the concentration camps of World War II. The alleged Army manual also describes the design of the internment and resettlement camps, right down to the placement of a massive amount of barb wire and guard towers.

The supposedly official Army manual defines the “civilian combatants” who would reside in the FEMA camps are basically anyone who disagrees with current government policies. The work titles of those in charge at the internment and resettlement camps allegedly include psychological operations officers. Such officers would allegedly be in charge of re-education of civilian combatants.

Those Americans identified as malcontents would allegedly be subjected to drug treatments and various forms of psychological warfare. The alleged Army manual is entitled FM 3-39.40. Agencies mentioned as partners in governing and operating the camps include FEMA, the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, the Red Cross, and the United Nations.

Excerpts from the internment and resettlement camps manual notes that the Department of Defense will offer support to civil authorities who are dealing with a civil emergency. Scenarios offered as examples of a civil emergency include terrorist attacks, man-made or natural disasters, accidents, and “incidents” in the United States and territories.

The alleged FEMA camps Army manual also mentioned the need to garner an exception to the Posse Comitatus Act before initiating the camp. The act became law in 1878. The legislation made it illegal to employ any part of the Army as a posse or to execute laws except in a case when force has been authorized by an act of Congress. The supposed internment and resettlement camps manual states that such an exemption could be achieved via an executive order from the president.

What do you think about the interment and resettlement camps manual?

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