Tahlia Skaines Shows Off Sculpted Physique In A Striped Bikini

Tahlia Skaines takes a selfie
Tahlia Skaines / Instagram

Despite the winter season in Australia, Tahlia Skaines has been sharing sultry snaps to her Instagram page with lots of summery vibes. In her most recent post uploaded today, the Australian model showed off her incredible figure in an itty-bitty striped bikini.

Tahlia took the selfie as she faced a full-body mirror. She didn’t indicate the exact location, but she presumably stood indoors against a white wall. As she posed, she positioned her right leg forward and stood on tiptoe with both feet. She placed one hand at her side while she held the phone in her other hand. Her face couldn’t be seen in the shot as the mobile device blocked it from view.

She likely took the picture during the day, as sunlight seemed to illuminate the whole space, making it perfect for indoor photography. A filter seemed to be added to the snap as the colors appeared enhanced with more warm tones.

Tahlia wore a red-and-white two-piece swimsuit with vertical stripes. The top featured small triangle cups and a plunging neckline which showed her eye-catching cleavage. The straps that provided support clung to her shoulders, accentuating her lean arms.

She sported matching bottoms with string ties on the waistband that rested high on her curvy hips. The straps were tied into bows to secure the garment in place. Notably, it had a low-cut waistline, which revealed plenty of skin and highlighted her flat stomach and abs.

Tahlia pulled her blond locks back and wore a white fisherman’s hat on her head. Some tendrils of hair were hanging out and framing her face. It was hard to tell whether she wore a full makeup application, as most of her face was not shown in the shot. From what was visible, she seemingly sported darkened eyebrows and mascara. She also ditched the jewelry, so as not to distract onlookers from her enviable curves.

In the caption, Tahlia asked her fans whether they think the “warm weather” is better. In under a day of going live, the new share accrued more than 3,700 likes and upward of 70 comments. Fans and followers dived into the comments section, showering her with compliments. Many of them praised her insanely fit body. Other admirers opted to express their feelings for the model by leaving a trail of emoji instead of words.

“Absolutely true. I love the warm weather,” a fan wrote.

“Your body is to die for,” gushed another admirer.