Forbes list of Tech's Twenty Most Connected People courtesy of Google Buzz

Wow it only took two days for Google Buzz to become just another numbers game for the tech digerati. Earlier today Louis Gray on Buzz let us know that there was now a Top 12 Leaderboard of Buzz users and now we have Forbes giving us a list of the Top 20 most connected tech people again courtesy of Buzz.

The list was put together by Taylor Buley at Forbes who explains it as follows

This survey is not scientific. The sample size is small and biased toward press who prefer to use personal Gmail accounts over professional addresses. But it's an interesting window into how these people do their everyday job, and who their likely influencers might be.

Here's how the ranking was determined: Each person a journalist or blogger follows received a score of one over the total number of people that writer was following as of late Wednesday. That gives weight to people who are among a precious few likely sources to any given journalist.

For example, Ryan Block only followed 25 people, so Dave Morin being among them was worth more points than if Block were following a hundred people. Members of the press who were following many hundreds of people, such as Robert Scoble, were thrown out of the sample; connections to apparent employers and colleagues were ignored.

Overall scores were calculated across all members of the media surveyed.

And the list? Well here you go - The Top 20 Most Connect People in Tech
Mrinal Desai

Anil Dash

Dave McClure

Atul Arora

Bradley Horowitz

Jason Calacanis

Ouriel Ohayon

Tara Hunt

Frank Gruber

Dave Morin

Matt Galligan

Drew Olanoff

Stowe Boyd

Harry Heymann

Orli Yakuel

Paul Buchheit

Ben Metcalfe

Kevin Marks

Jacob Mullins

Andrew Mager

So there you have it folks, yet another list you can feel left out of.