Gabriella Abutbol Teases Fans In Butterfly Crop Top And Strappy Thong

Selfie of Gabriella Abutbol
Gabriella Abutbol / Instagram

Brunette beauty Gabriella Abutbol gave fans a glimpse of her playful side in a sexy Instagram post on Wednesday afternoon. In the series of three images, the model posed on a giant bed surrounded by an expanse of white fluffy bedding. The post received over 12,000 likes in the first hour after it went online.

Gabriella wore a tiny, semi-sheer crop top with cap sleeves that ended just below the rounded curves of her breasts. An identifiable tattoo on her left ribs was in view, peeking out from under the hem. The background of the shirt was a cloudy sky-blue, topped with a field of multicolored butterflies that appeared to dance across her body.

Although it was only partially visible, Gabriella’s thong had a bright pink-and-brown leopard print. Although the pieces were mismatched, the color scheme was complementary. The vibrant color on the bottom mirrored the shades of the butterfly wings above.

Gabriella topped off the ensemble with a wide-brimmed cream hat with a white band. Her only other visible accessories were pale blue polish and a delicate silver choker that sparkled against her tanned skin.

In the first photo, the model sat cross-legged at the foot of the bed in front of a black leather headboard with silver studding. Both her arms were extended overhead, elongating her already slim torso and accentuating her hourglass figure.

The middle image appeared to be taken only seconds later. Gabriella lowered her feet to the ground to reveal the tops of her toned thighs and the front of her patterned thong. One hip was cocked, allowing her to display the swell of her amazing derriere on one side.

She had her arms crossed casually in front of her. Her chocolate brown eyes glinted merrily and her lips were slightly parted into a half-smile.

Gabriella finished off the photo series with the type of wide, exuberant grin that is often accompanied by laughter. She remained seated, though she slightly leaned back on the bed. This position allowed her to flaunt her impressive abs and caused her knees to spread apart to maintain balance.

Her left hand rested on her left knee. She raised her sculpted right arm back into the air to grab the top of her dashing headwear, giving the impression she was going to tip her hat to the viewer.

Gabriella’s 1.7 million Instagram followers were eager to show their appreciation for the series of stunning images.

“Okay this whole set, OBSESSED,” one fan raved.

“So beautiful,” praised a second person, following the comment with heart emoji.

Many fans also commented on her stylish hat, which seems to be one of her favorite accessories.

“I wish for that hat,” commented a third follower, referring longingly to the post’s caption.