July 8, 2020
Brooke Burke Tends To Her Garden Wearing Overalls With A Skimpy Bikini Top Underneath

Brooke Burke teased her 422,000 Instagram followers with a recent share that saw her flaunting her amazing physique. The 48-year-old rocked a pair of overalls and seemingly little else underneath -- except for a tiny bikini top -- while she worked in her garden.

In a set of three photos, Brooke dazzled her fans by showing some skin on what appeared to be a warm, sunny day. The first snap had the brunette bombshell leaning over as she had her gloved hands in the dirt. Although she didn't say exactly where this lovely garden was located, it's likely that it was in her own backyard. For her workday, she wore a pair of blue denim overalls that had a huge rip on one leg and a few white spots scattered on the front.

At first glance, it may have looked like Brooke wasn't wearing anything underneath. However, the third photo clearly revealed that she did have on a tiny red striped bikini top that showcased her incredible curves. There was no indication if she wore any matching bottoms under the overalls.

To add to her gardening ensemble, Brooke sported laced up purple boots that seemed to be the perfect combination to the outfit. The former Dancing with the Stars host left her golden brown locks cascading down in soft waves as she tended to her garden. She looked to be makeup-free in the photos.

Brooke may have decided to take a rest from her hard work, as the second snapshot suggested. She sat down near the garden and smiled for the camera. There appeared to be a dog sitting near her, but only its legs were visible in the picture.

In the third and final slide, the mom-of-four had an oversized wicker basket that was trimmed in blue hanging from her arm. She was looking downward as she walked away from the garden. The top of the overalls hung low enough to reveal some cleavage, while the open sides allowed her to tease her fit waistline.

The final Instagram snap showed the beauty of Brooke's garden as well. The area was surrounded by trees and featured colorful flowers in the background, as well as white flowers on each side. There was a piece of plastic that covered a portion of the garden. The sunlight appeared to hit the trees to create a soft and picturesque setting.

Brooke's Instagram followers seemed to be dazzled by her gorgeous pictures.

"You look amazing," remarked one of her fans.

"Twenty years later and still gorgeous," another follower quipped.

"Cutest gardener ever," said a third admirer.

When Brooke is not tending to her plants, she can be seen working out vigorously to keep her body in tip-top shape, as she frequently shares her workouts on social media. Last month, she promoted her fitness app by putting her body on full display as she wore a small striped bikini while stretched out on a surfboard. The sandy beach and blue ocean water seemingly made for the perfect backdrop for the swimwear shot.