PSY Unleashes New Single ‘Gentleman’ As Inter-Korean Tensions Rise

Psy is back with a new single “Gentleman.”

The Korean rapper unwrapped his latest infectious slice of K-Pop on Friday as the follow-up to his global “Gangnam Style”smash.

“Gentleman” was released at midnight in music outlets across the Korean peninsula for extra effect.

Many are speculating whether Psy will be able to match the gargantuan sales, downloads, and 1.5 billion plus YouTube hits he achieved with “Gangnam Style.”

But, even if it doesn’t, the horse-riding rapper shouldn’t be considered a one hit wonder as he already has six albums to his name and is an established artist in South Korea.

“Gentleman’s” theme is a satire about a gentleman courting women at a party. In a clear acknowledgment of his new worldwide reach, the song also contains more English lyrics than “Gangnam Style.”

“Let me tell you about myself. I’m such a charmer with guts, vigor and humor,” Psy sings in Korean before unleashing the song’s English hook: “I’m a mother-father gentleman.”

“Gonna make you sweat. Gonna make you wet. You know who I am? Wet Psy!” he adds, inexplicably.

“Gentleman” has already vaulted to the top of the download charts on around six South Korean online music sites, but reaction on social network sites has been mixed.

A poll of 2,000 users on, a South Korean metrics company, saw 38.9 percent rate the song as either good or very good, but 48.3 percent decided it was mediocre or dull.

As yet there is no official video for “Gentleman,” although the 35-year-old star possibly hinted at his new moves in a YouTube clip here.

The video is expected to debut at the singer’s Saturday concert at Seoul’s World Cup Stadium which will be streamed live on YouTube.

Its importance to the success of “Gentleman” cannot be underestimated. It was the video for “Gangnam Style,” with its theatrical visuals and signature dance that catapulted Psy to global stardom last year after it became a YouTube and viral hit, inspiring countless flash-mobs and parodies.

No doubt because of this, the rapper-singer has promised a “Psy style” take on a traditional Korean dance for the new video.

“The dance is one known to all Koreans but new to foreigners. This will be presented in Psy style,” he told a South Korean TV news program earlier this month.

The release of “Gentleman” comes at a tense time for the Korean peninsula, with North Korea expected to carry out a missile launch imminently.

However according to Agence France-Presse, the main topic of conversation in South Korean news portals and chat rooms isn’t the prospect of nuclear attack from North Korea but Psy’s new single.

Check out the audio clip above and let us know what you think.

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