'Baker And The Beauty' Cancellation Becomes Permanent As Series Fails To Find New Home

Unfortunately for fans of the short-lived ABC drama, Baker and the Beauty, its recent cancellation appears to be permanent as the show failed to find a new network or streaming service for a potential second season.

"Efforts to find a new home for the axed ABC romantic dramedy have proven unsuccessful," confirmed TVLine.

Approximately three weeks ago, the network decided it would not be producing another season of the show. However, star Nathalie Kelley took to her social media accounts to urge fans of the series to sign petitions and continue advocating for another network to save it.

Since then, many stars have come forward to support saving the show, including O, The Oprah Magazine. The official social media account shared an article yesterday about the concerning lack of television shows featuring Latinx families after Baker and the Beauty was canceled.

In light of the most recent development from TVLine, fans have expressed their frustration at the series being permanently axed on social media. Many have vowed to keep fighting to save it on the off-chance there could be hope for it to be revived somewhere down the line.

The article does not mention whether or not the cast have been released from their contracts. If so, they will be free to pursue other projects, meaning if the show were somehow renewed at a later date, they might no longer be available.

She said that studio behind the show, Universal Television, was shopping it around to other outlets in the hopes of getting it renewed.

Kelley criticized ABC's decision to cancel the show, calling it "an extremely tone deaf decision."

The former Dynasty star felt the series was needed during a time when protests were occurring across the country clamoring for more diversity and representation in Hollywood and beyond.

Nathalie Kelley attends the SCAD aTVfest 2020
Getty Images | Vivien Killilea

Baker and the Beauty was a remake of an Israeli series. It revolved around Daniel Garcia, who worked at his parents' bakery in Miami, Florida. During a wild night out, Daniel crossed paths with Noa Hamilton (Kelley), a superstar who was recently in the tabloids due to her boyfriend's infidelity.

Sparks flew between the average guy and the celebrity, and the two fell in love. By the end of the first season, they were engaged.

Had the show been renewed for Season 2, it would have explored multiple love stories moving forward.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the central plot would have focused on "one giant family" instead of "two worlds."

TVLine also quoted a recent Q&A with showrunner Dean Georgaris, who said Season 2 would have featured "four love stories… at four very different, equally crucial moments."