'Bachelorette' Becca Kufrin Gets Honest Amid Rumors Of Trouble With Garrett Yrigoyen, Says 2020 Is Testing Her

A couple of years ago, Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen got engaged at the end of her season of The Bachelorette. Until recently, things seemed to be going very well for them. Unfortunately, a significant shift has left things seemingly up in the air. In the new episode of the Bachelor Happy Hour, via Apple Podcast, released on Tuesday, Becca opened up about what she's feeling right now.

Becca does this podcast alongside another former star of The Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay. The two have had some very serious discussions over the past couple of months, and they decided to open up this week's show with what they hoped would be some lighthearted chitchat. They focused on answering questions from listeners, but things got rather serious right away.

The first listener question that Rachel and Becca tackled was simply one asking how they were doing. For those who have been following along with Becca's life lately, they surely were not surprised to hear her acknowledge that it was a somewhat loaded question right now.

She said that she thinks 2020 is testing her, as it is a number of other people, too. She explained that 2020 started out on a high for her, as she was doing this podcast and doing The Bachelor Live on Stage tour with Ben Higgins. Right now, however, she admitted that she is in a very different place in her life.

Becca Kufrin attends Kendra Scott Celebrates Valentine's Day with Bachelor Live On Stage
Getty Images for Kendra Scott | Manny Carabel

Becca never mentioned her fiance Garrett directly. She also did not specifically refer to the challenges they have been navigating over the past couple of months. As many fans know, after he made an Instagram post that she later referenced as being tone-deaf, she admitted she wasn't sure what the future held for them.

In the podcast, Becca explained that she has been having a lot of tough conversations with people over the past month or two, and she has learned a lot about herself and those close to her. She has had both good and bad days, but Becca said she's very grateful for her pup Minno, who has been something of a therapy dog for her.

Becca also said that she tried to put on a brave face, but she realized that this is not the year to do that. According to her, she is now in a place where she has accepted that she shouldn't pretend that everything is perfect.

As The Bachelorette star continued, she said she was working hard to expand her knowledge base and learn more about other topics. Given her prior discussions with Rachel, this surely referred, at least in part, to issues of race and privilege.

Ultimately, Becca did not say anything specific about whether she sees her relationship with Garrett going the distance. She has been staying in Minnesota lately with her mom as Garrett has seemingly remained in California. The two have not split, as far as fans know, but it didn't sound as if they had necessarily worked through their recent challenges as yet, either.

Becca previously said that she and Garrett were trying to sort through these challenges privately. Bachelorette fans will be anxious to learn more about what comes next for the pair, but it didn't sound as if she was ready to say too much at this point.