'Jersey Shore' Star Deena Nicole Cortese Claps Back At Fan Comment Regarding Son CJ

Lucille Barilla

Yesterday, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star Deena Nicole Cortese shared an adorable new photo of an afternoon out with her son Christopher John, also known as CJ, with her Instagram followers. They liked the image over 59,800 times and filled her feed with positive comments. Yet, it was one fan statement that got the reality star fired up, causing her to clap back in response.

"Luv u but why is ur face covered n not ur sons?" questioned one Instagram user.

In response, Deena said, "Because my doctor said children under 2 should NOT wear a mask."

CDC spokesman Jason McDonald said to LAist that it is recommended not to place cloth face masks on children under the age of 2 years to prevent suffocation.

Fans loved the fact that Deena stood up for her own decisions as a parent and liked the reality television star's comment 89 times thus far. Other fans appeared to have no issue with the fact that the little boy was not wearing a mask, and instead, chose to focus on the positive aspects of the sweet share.

"I watched you grow up on television and for what it's worth I'm very proud of the woman and mother you have become," said a second fan.

"So handsome! And he looks so blonde in this pic!" stated a third follower.

"He's so big! Every time you post a pic of him he gets bigger and bigger," observed a fourth Instagram fan.

In the pic, Deena rocked a short-sleeved floral shirt and denim shorts. She also wore flip flops, which displayed the tattoos on the top of her foot. Deena's long, brown hair was blown out pin-straight and parted to the left of her head. She appeared to have eyeliner on her eyes as well as mascara. It was difficult to see the remainder of her face fashion as Deena wore a dark-colored face mask.

The adorable little boy, who looks like a combination of the looks of Deena and her husband Christopher Buckner, sat buckled safely in his stroller for the pic. He had on what appeared to be a gray tank top and shorts. He wore little blue sneakers on his feet. There were two iced coffees seen on the top of the stroller. It is unclear if Deena was joined by her husband for the day or a close friend.

The area where Deena was pictured is called Popcorn Park Animal Refuge. It is located in Forked River, New Jersey. Lots of foliage dotted the area, and behind mother and son, a clear blue sky featuring white, puffy clouds was seen.