Patrick Mahomes’ Girlfriend Brittany Matthews Rocks A Bikini & Feeds A Deer: ‘Best Day Ever’

Paras GriffinGetty Images for Verizon

Brittany Matthews, the girlfriend of NFL star Patrick Mahomes, uploaded a gorgeous photo to her Instagram account on Tuesday. The snapshot of Matthews interacting with a hungry deer amazed many of her 508,000 followers, but a few of them questioned the words in the post’s caption.

Matthews, 24, was pictured wearing a mismatched bikini that included a bubblegum pink top and black bottoms. Her top had thin spaghetti straps that showed off her muscular back and shoulders, while the high cut of her briefs elongated her toned legs. The fitness trainer wore her blond hair pulled up in a topknot.

Matthews was outdoors on a patio surrounded by sand, shrubs, and grass. A single small palm tree was visible in the background, along with a pathway created by stone tiles. She was joined by a small doe. Matthews was slightly bending over and holding something out in her hand, and the deer was cautiously approaching her.

In the caption, Matthews wrote that she had the “best day ever” when she got to feed the animal. This remark seemed to confound many of her Instagram followers, who assumed that big bucks, not a doe, would have been a part of the best day of her life.

A number of Matthews’ followers referenced the news that broke on Monday that her quarterback boyfriend and the Kansas City Chiefs had agreed on a $450 million contract extension. According to ESPN, the lucrative deal could net Mahomes up to $503 million over 10 years.

“I feel like the $500M is better than feeding a deer…” read one of the responses to Matthews’ post.

“What about Pat getting half a billion dollar contract. Bet that was a pretty good day,” another commenter wrote.

Matthews received a flood of other messages in the same vein, but some of her followers kept their focus on the photo. A number of commenters compared her to a Disney princess, and they agreed that her encounter with the deer was worthy of getting excited about. There were also plenty of remarks about Matthews’ relationship with Mahomes.

“Marry that man now!!!!” one user advised Matthews.

“This caption is what I love about you so much, and what makes you- YOU! You love animals and I’m sure this was an amazing day for you!” another comment read. “All these comments referring to Pats contract as if that’s all the matters to you, are ridiculous. You and pat been together so long that you probably fart in front of each other.”

While Matthews gets a lot of attention for being the girlfriend of a quarterback with a Super Bowl ring, her dedication to fitness has helped her cultivate her own social media following. She often shares workout videos on her Instagram page, and one upload that showed her demonstrating a series of glute exercises proved to be rather popular.