Lauren Simpson Wears Bright Pink Sports Bra & Booty Shorts To Train Abs

Fitness model Lauren Simpson posted a new video to popular social media site Instagram in which she trained her ab muscles.

For the workout, the fitness trainer chose a bright pink outfit that consisted of a sports bra and booty shorts. The top featured a logo in white on the left side of the chest and two crisscrossing strips of fabric over the bust. The eye was drawn to Lauren's sculpted upper body, including her arms, shoulders, and back. A swatch of chiseled abdomen was also left exposed. The shorts rose high over Lauren's hips and ended just below her backside, leaving her shapely legs on display and emphasizing her enviable booty.

The model completed the outfit with a pair of black sneakers and a brown scrunchie on her left wrist. She wore her platinum blond tresses pulled back into a ponytail and secured the loose strands around her face with a bobby pin. Lauren also appeared to have made up her face with thick, black lashes, eyeliner, eye shadow, and pink lip gloss.

The ab workout took place at Titan Fitness, according to the geotag on the post. Lauren demonstrated six exercises, all designed to target the core muscles. Each move was featured in an individual video clip in the post. As the exercises were carried out from the floor, the model used a black exercise mat. She also incorporated a black weight for added resistance.

The first exercise in the ab circuit was the classic bicycle crunch. Lauren kept her upper body inclined nearly upright for the crunches. In the second video, she demonstrated opposite toe taps, lying on her back with her legs extended in the air. The third exercise was the oblique row.

Following the oblique rows, Lauren moved into planks with an added rotation, incorporating the plate weight for resistance. The final two exercises in the routine were Russian twists and a set of kneeling side bends.

In the caption of the post, the fitness model told her followers that the workout targets the oblique muscles along the sides of the abdomen. She encouraged them to complete between 12 and 15 reps of each move back-to-back in a circuit with one to two minutes of rest in between each set. She recommended a total of three rounds.

Within the first hour, the post earned several thousand likes and dozens of comments from adoring fans.

"Love this!! Saving this for some extra exercises to do on Abs day! Thank you!" one Instagram user commented.