Instagram Golf Hottie Lucy Robson Bares Major Cleavage In Tight Top While Holding A Golf Club

Instagram model Lucy Robson delighted fans by baring serious cleavage while holding a golf club in her latest update. For the post, she wore a top with a cutout on the chest that accentuated her assets, along with pink leggings.

The social media influencer has gained a large online following thanks to her looks and skills on the golf course. In this spicy photo, she showcased her killer curves while asking fans for their thoughts on proper golf attire.

The 25-year-old was photographed from the thighs up and had her body slightly turned while she looked directly into the camera with a fierce glare. She was surrounded by trees and shrubbery in the background. Robson had her long blond hair parted in the middle and loosely tied in the back with strands of her bangs hanging near her face. She tightly gripped a black golf club, resting the shaft on her right thigh.

Robson sported a body-hugging white top from Fashion Nova that had an open chest and a high collar that clasped in the front of her neck. This revealing number offered fans a view of her generous bust. She also rocked a pair of light-pink leggings that wrapped around her waist. To complete the look, the British beauty had a pendant necklace that peeked out underneath her collar. Her skin glowed in the outdoor pic and she appeared to have applied a shade of light-red lipstick.

In the caption, the Cal Poly product asked followers about the "dress code" on golf courses and if people should be allowed to dress more casually. She also tagged the popular online retailer in her snap.

Many of her 843,000 Instagram followers flocked to the image and more than 40,000 of them found their way to the "like" button in just 11 hours. Robson received over 760 messages as fans flooded her comments section with responses to the caption. Most were in favor of more casual clothing on courses.

"It should be more relaxed yet classy, like the outfit you have on," one fan replied.

"This definitely beats traditional golf fashion for me...Classy, sporty and beautiful," added another.

"Women seem to wear what they want and men get frowned upon for wearing anything not traditional," a third person wrote.

Not all fans were in favor of a relaxed dress code, however.

"I'm a more traditional dress code person," responded one user.

As covered by The Inquisitr, earlier in the week Robson flaunted her curves in a black dress while on a course.