Mandy Rose Flaunts Cleavage In Sexy TikTok Dance Video

WWE star Mandy Rose showed off her cleavage and taut stomach along with her curvy hips in her latest TikTok video, which she also shared on Instagram, delighting her followers on the popular social media platform.

Mandy did a sexy dance to a clip of Travis Scott's song, "ROSALÍA." She moved along to the not safe for work lyrics by shaking her hips, showing off her pert backside, and doing other sensual body movements. The video began with the wrestler bent over toward her phone as she started dancing to the music. She continued through the short choreography, showcasing her sensual moves in what appeared to be a tiled living space that opened to a kitchen and dining area in the background.

She wore a backward white baseball cap atop her hair, which appeared to be pulled back off her face. Mandy had on a gray sports bra with a cropped white tank top tucked into the bottom of her bra, and she paired it with red, high waisted workout leggings that clung to her curvy hips and thighs. The outfit also revealed her taught, toned stomach, and it showcased her muscular shoulders and arms. It looked like Mandy had on some soft eye shadow with a bit of mascara and eyeliner to help accent her beautiful eyes. She might have had a hint of blush on her cheeks and nude or no color on her voluptuous pout.

Her Instagram followers appeared to appreciate the video, and it got nearly 150,000 views within a couple of hours. Almost 37,000 Instagrammers hit the like button, and close to 700 of them took the time to leave a comment for the WWE star.

"Whoa, you look hot! Dope moves, and I wish we could dance together," replied one devotee.

"Mandy, you are so gorgeous, and I love your TikTok videos," a second fan gushed.

"You are a beautiful woman, a great fighter, a talented person, and an excellent dancer," declared a third Instagrammer.

While many of those who replied appreciated Mandy's sexy moves, there were a few who wished that she would focus on her wrestling instead of dancing.

"Hey Mandy, please do something in the ring and get some belts... We are only WWE fans, not TikTok fans," a fourth follower complained.

The Inquisitr reported yesterday that Mandy gave her followers an uplifting post, which featured inspiring words as well as a picture of herself wearing a tiny bikini while standing atop a rock on the beach.