Parents Of Toddler Injured In Lawn Mower Accident Speak Out

The Inquisitr previously reported on the horrific lawn mower accident that severed the legs and hand of a Palm Harbor, Florida toddler. The child’s family has since spoken publicly about the incident, insisting the little girl, 2-year-old Ireland Nugent, “will run again.”

Ireland slipped and fell within the immediate path of a riding lawn mower as her father was cutting the grass around 7:30 pm Wednesday outside of the family’s residence on Hollow Ridge Road in the Westlake Village Subdivision. Within 15 seconds, the worst possible scenario played out.

The child’s mother, Nicole, tried to get the attention of her husband, Jeremiah, who mistakenly assumed her warning was about something in front of him. Jeremiah put the mower in reverse and unknowingly backed over the child who had fallen behind him, just out of sight.

The blades instantly cut both of the toddler’s legs just below the knee, and part of her hand. A neighbor, who is a nurse, rendered aid to the child until emergency services arrived. The child was flown to Tampa General Hospital for treatment.

Reports later clarified the girl’s left leg had been severed above the ankle and will require a prosthetic, the right will need skin grafts.

Ireland underwent two surgeries, one of which cleared debris from her wounds to limit infection. The second procedure was performed to implant a pin into the child’s left thumb. Doctors believe Ireland should have a full recovery on her injured hand.

She is still considered in serious condition and was kept in the intensive-care unit of the hospital following the tragic accident. Doctors assess the little girl will have to endure two additional surgeries, the next scheduled for this upcoming Saturday and another on Monday, according to NBC News.

Although the toddler lost her feet in the horrific incident, her mother Nicole vowed to reporters, “This will not stop Ireland.” Jeremiah, her husband, and the child’s father, remained reserved during interviews. They are trying to remain strong for their daughter during this difficult time.

The accident could have happened to anyone, even to the most safety-conscious, and does as nearly 250,000 people are treated annually for lawn mower related injuries – mostly for severed toes and fingers, broken bones, and amputated limbs. Of the quarter of a million treated, about 17,000 are under the age of 19.

According Mike Frandsen, the Director of Outreach at Trinity Presbyterian in Clearwater, Florida, an Ireland Nugent fund has been established through the church. The site states, “All donations will go towards the long term treatment and recovery of Ireland and her family.” If you are interested in learning more about how to donate, please go to the following link.

ABC News reports an additional organization,, has pledged to supply Ireland with prosthetics for the rest of her life.