Ariana Grande Stuns Fans With Shimmering Glow On Instagram

Lovely mega-star Ariana Grande wowed her 193 million followers with a quick video on Instagram on Friday night. The one-second post racked up over 2.5 million views in the first hour it was online.

The clip captured the singer playfully vamping up her natural beauty with a twinkling filter that cast ethereal sparkles across her entire figure. Gold glitter appeared to dance in her eyes, across her tanned skin, and over her already lavish jewelry.

The stunning songstress recorded herself close-up and in a seated position. It appears that she held her camera a few inches above her face with both hands to keep it steady during the stunning selfie.

Ariana's head was tilted to one side in a flirtatious manner as the clip began. She gazed at the viewer out of the corners of her enormous deep brown eyes with a sultry expression. Her eyes widened as she lifted her chin and straightened her head.

Her full lips, which were seemingly painted with a nude lipstick, remained slightly parted, with the almost imperceptible hint of a smile playing upon them.

Ariana's makeup accentuated her delicate bone structure and incredible features. Her arched brows were perfectly groomed. The singer's almond-shaped eyes were apparently emphasized by heavy liner and a generous application of mascara. Her rosy pink cheeks offset her smooth olive complexion.

Ariana pulled her rich mahogany tresses into what appears to be a high ponytail, displaying her elegant neck and bare shoulders. She wore what appeared to be a casual, yet elegant black pantsuit with a drawstring waist and tiny spaghetti straps that exposed just a hint of cleavage.

Ariana's dedicated fans were quick to express their support and adoration for her. At the time of this article, just shy of 20,000 adoring comments had been added to the post. Most fans left a combination of heart and flame emoji. Many also referred to her as a queen or a beauty in many different languages.

"Ari, what's your secret to being so perfect?" one fan sweetly inquired.

"It's not the filter that makes the woman it's the woman that makes the filter," mused a second person.

A couple of fans mentioned her demure attire.

"Ariana wearing something over her legs???" a third admirer joked.

"She's wearing pants AHHH," lamented another, with good-natured disappointment.

Ariana is well-known for her creative beauty looks, and she was recently photographed wearing cosmetic flowered fake eyelashes. The photo created online controversy among her Instagram followers regarding whether the lashes had been physically applied or whether they were the result of a filter, as was the case in this article.