Amanda Cerny Shares Sultry Bathtub Snap & Teases It’s Her ‘Think Tank’

Amanda Cerny attends Night Two of BUDX Miami by Budweiser
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Model, comedian, and fitness expert Amanda Cerny gave her millions of followers something to buzz about on Tuesday afternoon with a new Instagram post. The brunette bombshell posed in a bathtub and teased everybody with a rather sultry gaze.

Earlier in the day, Amanda shared a comical video that showed her trying to look like a mermaid. She gave it a good try, but she suggested that she instead looked like a “corpse.” Once the afternoon hit, the 29-year-old was back on Instagram with a new update, and this one oozed sex appeal.

Amanda’s new photo featured her in a standalone bathtub, immersed in water. The water appeared to have been colored to add a deep blue hue to it, and just a few bubbles and swirls of soap surrounded her.

Amanda lay against the back of the tub, with one hand raised to her tilted head. Her brunette locks were pulled back away from her face and appeared to be pulled up loosely into a hair clip. She seemed to be wearing mascara and eyeshadow, along with a bright red lip color.

The fitness model’s other arm was submerged in the water, and she had one leg crossed over the other at the knee. Amanda’s position in the tub certainly suggested that she was nude under the water, but it was impossible to tell for certain.

“This looks better than a mermaid,” one of Amanda’s fans quipped.

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The think tank!

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Amanda exuded a sultry vibe and teased in her caption that this was her idea of a think tank. Before the afternoon was over, her post had already been liked more than 540,000 times. Nearly 2,000 comments flooded in as well from people who mostly loved this sexy look.

“Mermaid in a tub,” one fan wrote.

“Deep Blue Beauty,” a follower noted.

This wasn’t the first time that Amanda teased her nearly 26 million followers by sharing a snap that showed her relaxing in a bathtub. The photo posted on Tuesday doesn’t appear to have been revealed on her page before now, and people were clearly thrilled to get a chance to appreciate this one.

“You are the most beautiful girl on earth,” someone else praised.

Amanda definitely has a knack for successfully mixing things up on her Instagram page. Many of her posts combine a sexy snap with a funny twist and she often advocates for causes she is passionate about as well. In this case, it looked like some fans read her caption as a comical tease, though just about everybody else seemed to view it with some form of enthusiasm.