Instagram Model Paige Spiranac Flaunts Serious Cleavage In Low-Cut White Top

Paige Spiranac competes in the Dubai Moonlight Classic
Tom Dulat / Getty Images

Instagram model Paige Spiranac delighted fans with a view of her jaw-dropping curves for her latest update. For the snap, she posed on the grass in a tight low-cut top that accentuated her assets, and a pair of small jean shorts.

The 27-year-old has been spending a lot of time on golf courses since the lockdown was lifted, but for this pic, she spent time on a green grass in casual clothes. She looked stunning while she showcased her figure and shot a come-hither glance at the lens.

Spiranac — who has the moniker of the “OG Insta Golf Girl” — sat underneath trees on a sunny day as sunlight seeped through the leaves. She was photographed from the knees up as she sat her backside on the grass and folded her left leg under her right. The model rested her weight on her left arm, which was behind her body, and extended her right arm to rest on her knee. This pose helped embellish her cleavage for the camera.

The San Diego State University product had her long blond hair in loose curls and parted to the left. She rocked a small cropped white tank top that barely contained her assets. It had a plunging neckline and four buttons that ran up the middle. She wore a pair of dark Daisy Dukes that offered her admirers a view of her athletic legs. Spiranac also appeared to have dark-red lipstick on her lips as she had a small smirk on her gorgeous face.

In the caption, Spiranac mentioned a recent episode of her Playing A Round podcast which featured sports anchor Kayce Smith. The golfer also asked fans to respond with topics they want to hear covered on future episodes.

Many of the model’s 2.8 million Instagram followers quickly noticed the stunning snap, and over 109,000 of them found their way to the “like” button in just over three hours after it went live. Spiranac received more than 1,500 comments in that short time. Multiple fans replied to the caption and gave their insights about the podcast.

“I listened to the first few episodes. Kinda seemed like a therapy session for you,” an Instagram user commented.

“Paige, listening to the podcast right now. Fun!!” a supportive follower wrote.

“I enjoy your podcast. Keep up the good work,” another added.

“How about youth golf programs?” one fan suggested.

As covered by The Inquisitr, last week the golfer flaunted her curves in a skintight orange dress. That post garnered over 168,000 likes.