Students Sick From Pot Brownies For The Second Time In A Month At California District

Students got sick from eating brownies laced with pot for the second time in a month at a school district in California, leading to possible expulsion for the offending students.

The incident happened at TeWinkle Middle School in Costa Mesa. Two students grew sick from the brownies and went to the front office at 12:40 pm complaining of stomach issues. They ultimately had to be taken to a hospital for observation.

Soon after, school officials found that a third student was sick from the pot brownies.

Officials said they’re looking into whether all of the students knew the brownies contained marijuana, and they could face suspension or expulsion if they ingested it knowingly.

The student believed to have provided the brownies wasn’t taken to the hospital, school officials said. Two other students are being investigated, and school officials said they’ve turned over the matter to the police.

The incident was strikingly similar to another instance in the same district last month where students got sick from pot brownies. Seven sixth-grader studentss were taken to the hospital after sharing marijuana-laced brownies. The students complained of difficulty breathing and nausea.

In the March instance, the students who got sick from the brownies didn’t know it contained marijuana. One asked why it didn’t taste like an ordinary brownie, police said.

The boy reportedly gave the brownie to his friends in the school library and on the playground.

Thursday was apparently a bad day for school students and pot brownies. While Costa Mesa was dealing with its second marijuana-laced brownie fiasco in less than a month, paramedics in Miami had to treat nine students who ate laced brownies at Miami Coral Park Senior High School.

Police in Miami said they arrested a man on drug charges after the students got sick from the brownies he provided.