Original ‘Bachelor’ Winner Amanda Marsh Says ‘Missing’ Season 1 Star Alex Michel Is Married With Children

The franchise's first Bachelor did not return for the ABC update show.

The Bachelor Alex Michel with Amanda Marsh
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The franchise's first Bachelor did not return for the ABC update show.

The Bachelor’s original star, Alex Michel, may not have appeared on the ABC special The Bachelor Greatest Seasons Ever! but his ex, Amanda Marsh, knows a little bit about what happened to him.

In a follow-up interview on Us Weekly’s Here for the Right Reasons podcast, The Bachelor Season 1 winner gave listeners the most recent update on her long-missing ex.

“I heard he’s married and I saw pictures of him and his children,” Amanda told the podcast of Alex. “And [they’re] beautiful. I’m so happy for him.”

Amanda did not reveal how long ago she saw the photos or how many kids Alex and his wife have.

On the ABC special, Amanda said that after Alex gave his final rose to her over Trista Rehn on the finale of his season of The Bachelor in 2002, she moved to California to be with him. Amanda wasn’t comfortable living in California, so they changed to a long-distance relationship shortly after. The couple split after almost one year together, but Amanda kept in touch with Alex up until about six years ago — when he totally dropped off of the radar.

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison also revealed that producers on the show have tried to reach out to Alex “many, many times” and that no one has been able to “find” him in years.

“It is impressive how hidden he is,” Amanda said on the podcast. “It has been six years since I’ve heard from him and, you know, after a while out of respect, probably, you do let go of these relationships, but you do kind of wonder a little bit just inside your gut, ‘Is he OK?’ … He is OK. And I think just happy with his life and that’s great.”

The original Bachelor winner added that her ex “didn’t get a lot of credit” as the dating show’s inaugural star and that he wasn’t always well supported in the ABC franchise, despite the fact that Harrison described him as a member of The Bachelor “family.”

Alex Michel poses with Chris Harrison
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Amanda, who now has a 10-year-old daughter from her first marriage, added that she is now happily engaged to a man she met on Match.com, where Alex briefly worked following his stint as The Bachelor.

Fans of The Bachelor franchise have been wondering about Alex’s whereabouts for quite some time, and his MIA status on the ABC update show didn’t help matters. According to his LinkedIn account, Alex currently works in the Washington, D.C., area and is employed as a digital media executive.