Alyssa Salerno Blasts Chloe Trautman Over ‘Hush’ Purse, Drops Baby Bombshell In Explosive ‘Siesta Key’ Teaser

The MTV stars go head to head over Chloe's shady deal with Alex Kompothecras.

Siesta Key star Chloe Trautman
MTV Press

The MTV stars go head to head over Chloe's shady deal with Alex Kompothecras.

Siesta Key star Alyssa Salerno confronted Chloe Trautman about her past betrayal in an explosive scene from the upcoming episode of the MTV reality show.

In a scene posted to MTV Reality’s official YouTube page, Chloe stopped by Alex Kompothecras’ house to talk about work-related business. But instead of Alex, the Siesta Key veteran was instead greeted by his angry girlfriend, Alyssa.

Alyssa — who had just found out that Chloe accepted a designer purse from Alex in exchange for her silence about his Nashville hookup with his ex, Juliette Porter — was in confrontation mode in the scene.

“I see you chose your Louis [Vuitton] and not your Celine,” she said of Chloe’s handbag choice, before blasting her for the shady deal she made with Alex.

“You chose a bag over me,” Alyssa continued. “A materialistic purse…The fact that you knew and didn’t tell me and we were supposedly friends!”

Chloe explained that it wasn’t her fault that Alex cheated, then said she was damned either way no matter how she handled the situation.

During the conversation, Alyssa also dropped her big pregnancy news, which left Chloe practically speechless. She started out by saying that she and Alex have “amazing things” in their future, also citing her hair salon, Alex’s law school, and “another big thing.”

Chloe then guessed that Alyssa was pregnant, and the Siesta Key original cast member didn’t hide her shock when the hairstylist confirmed her suspicions. Not surprisingly, her first reaction was not to say “congratulations” to Alyssa. Instead, she thought that Juliette is going to have a “conniption.”

“Oh no,” the Siesta Key star added as she held her head while processing Alyssa’s stunning pregnancy news.

As Chloe left the Kompothecras estate, Alyssa warned her, “Do not tell anyone.”

The explosive scene can be seen below.

Siesta Key fans know that Alex and Alyssa welcomed their baby daughter, Alessi, last month. Days later, Alex was fired from his starring role in the series due to his alleged history of inappropriate social media activity. Alyssa is now holding court as a main cast member on the Florida-themed reality show in her boyfriend’s absence — even in scenes that he has been edited out of.

Chloe has since distanced herself from Alex, who was once her best friend. After his sudden firing from Siesta Key, she declared Juliette’s new boyfriend, Sam Logan, as her new male best friend, in an Instagram post that you can see here.