Sadie Robertson Rocks An Animal-Print Swimsuit While Enjoying 'Gods Play Ground' With Her Husband

Sadie Robertson looked like she was having a blast with her husband, Christian Huff, during a trip to the beach. In a photo that the Duck Dynasty star shared with her 3.8 million Instagram followers, she was showing off her wild side in an animal-print swimsuit. Meanwhile, she and Christian were both engaging in a fun activity that seemed to have them feeling like kids again.

Sadie, 23, was clad in a bathing suit that likely looked familiar to some of her fans. It was a white one-piece that featured an over-sized leopard print. The garment was covered with large amorphous spots that were mostly black with a few tan splotches scattered throughout. Sadie's skintight swimsuit had skinny spaghetti straps and a scoop neck. It also boasted a wide belt that flattered her svelte figure by highlighting her tiny waist and giving her more of an hourglass shape.

The garment appeared to be the same bathing suit that Sadie was photographed wearing when she visited the beach with her sister-in-law, Mary Kate Robertson, a few weeks ago.

As for Christian, he rocked a pair of pale blue swim trunks that were almost the same color as a section of the sea behind him. He and his wife both wore sunglasses to protect their eyes from the bright sunlight.

The couple was on an unidentified beach with brilliant white sand, and the substance made the shallow water near the shore look much lighter than the aqua ocean beyond. An island with a dense green forest was visible in the distance, and Sadie's photo also included a wide expanse of blue sky with a few scattered white clouds.

Sadie and Christian were photographed playing on a wooden swing set that had been placed where the tide came rolling in. Puddles of salty water surrounded the apparatus. It looked like she was trying to stand up on the wooden seat of her swing as she grasped its rope supports. Her husband also had one foot up in his seat.

In the caption, Sadie wrote that she and Christian were just being "two kids on Gods play ground," but she didn't share any further details about her photo, like where or when it was taken.

Fans of the author and podcast host seemed to think that her seaside snapshot was pretty awesome. In the span of an hour, her Instagram followers pressed the "like" button on her post over 100,000 times.

"You two & this view slay," read one response to her post.

"This is the absolute cutest thing," another admirer commented.

"I'm convinced this is what heaven will look like," remarked a third fan.