Zach Braff Opens Up About Nick Cordero's Illness, Notes Machines Were 'Really, Truly' Keeping Him Alive At End

Scrubs actors Zach Braff and Donald Faison started their Fake Doctors, Real Friends podcast on Tuesday by talking about their friend Nick Cordero. Nick died Sunday morning after fighting COVID-19 for three months, and Zach revealed some heartbreaking details about some of what had happened.

After Nick's death, Zach shared some details about the last text he'd received from his friend. During the first segment of his new podcast episode, he said as this all started, he'd asked Nick via text what he could do to help. This came shortly before the Broadway actor went unconscious, and he asked Zach to look after his wife, Amanda Kloots, and their son, Elvis.

Sadly, that was the last exchange the two men were able to have. Zach and Donald talked about how they were committed to being there for Amanda and Elvis in the years ahead. Zach joked that he can handle the musical stuff for Elvis, given how music was a passion of Nick's. Meanwhile, Donald quipped that he will have to step up to do the sports-related stuff for the infant.

Neither Amanda nor Zach shared much in the way of specifics when telling people that Nick had passed away on Sunday. However, Zach's updates via his podcast did provide some new insight.

Despite some forward progress here and there over the past few months, ultimately, Nick's condition just was not improving. Zach explained that during the final days, all of the machines Nick had been on were maxed out on their settings.

In addition, Nick's blood pressure wasn't strong enough to support his body. As a result, his fingertips and toes had started to discolor. Apparently, he would have likely had to have these digits amputated, had things continued as they had been.

Zach Braff and Nick Cordero joke around during a 'Today' appearance
Getty Images | Slaven Vlasic

Zach also related that ahead of his death on Sunday, the machines were "really, truly" what were keeping Nick alive at this point.

Just before Nick's hospitalization, he and Amanda had purchased a house in Los Angeles. Zach explained that when Nick was back in New York packing up their things, he seemingly first contracted the novel coronavirus.

Nick did not have any symptoms initially and even tested negative twice for COVID-19. However, in March he had a scary incident while changing Elvis' diaper. He apparently fainted or something similar, and that prompted Amanda to insist he head to the emergency room.

Unfortunately, that was the last time that Amanda saw her husband fully conscious. Since Amanda couldn't go into the ER with Nick, she dropped him off and planned to head back once he texted her with updates. Before long, he was admitted and soon fell into a coma.

Zach also noted that he and his girlfriend, Florence Pugh, struggled as Amanda fought for her husband's survival. Amanda, Elvis, and Nick were living in Zach's guest house, but they all consistently practiced social distancing. Zach noted that sometimes Amanda would be sobbing over what was happening with Nick, and it broke his and Florence's hearts to be 10 feet away from her but not be able to hug her.

As Donald and Zach wrapped up their chat about Nick, they said that they will be part of a large group of people doing their part to give Elvis an extraordinary life. Zach added that he wanted to make his friend proud, and it sounds as if he will be successful in doing that.