July 7, 2020
Usain Bolt Shares First Photos Of Daughter Olympia Lightning

Former Olympic athlete Usain Bolt shared the first pictures of his daughter, Olympia Lightning, Tuesday afternoon on Instagram. He uploaded a set of photos featuring baby Olympia with her mother, girlfriend Kasi Bennett, in celebration of the latter's 21st birthday. Bennett gave birth to Olympia Lightning in May.

In the first picture of the set, Bennett posed in a strapless, champagne-colored gown. She looked down at Olympia as she cradled her daughter in her arms. The room appeared to be set up for a formal photoshoot, with mother and daughter seated in front of a floral backdrop — featuring water lilies — held up on either side by a pair of tripods.

The second photo showed Olympia Lightning resting on what appeared to be a fur-style blanket. The baby was wrapped in a pink outfit, with a ruched style that made it appear that she was wearing a ballroom gown. The princess style of her outfit was evident in the flower-style detailing that circled around Olympia Lightning's midsection, creating the appearance that she was wearing some type of belt. Bolt and Bennett's baby wore a matching headband, made of the same pink material with the flower detailing and scrunched style.

The third image in the set saw Bennett return, this time solo. She wore the same strapless, champagne-colored gown from the first photo in the set, but posed this time while seated on the ground. In the artistic shot taken in front of an impressionist floral-style background, Bennett leaned slightly back on her arms while looking upward. Her face was basked in soft lighting, giving Bolt's girlfriend an almost angelic appearance.

The fourth image was another with just Olympia Lightning, as the baby was photographed in a different pose on top of the fur-style blanket. She looked comfortable in her pink gown and gave the camera a curious stare while her mouth was left agape in wonder.

While Bolt's decision to name his daughter Olympia Lightning may create expectations that she will one day follow in her father's Olympic footsteps, Bolt had previously said he has no intention of encouraging her to get into sprinting, per Yahoo! Sports.

"That's going to be hard for my kid. If they want to do it, I'm fine with it. But initially I'm going to say don't do it, 'cause I know the pressure that will come along with it."

The only previous Olympic athlete that shared the competition's name was Australia's Olympia Aldersey who competed as a rower in the 2016 event in Rio de Janeiro.