Cassie Randolph Blasts ‘Bachelor’ Producers For Edited TV Interview About Her Breakup With Colton Underwood

The Bachelor Nation beauty said she told producers up front that she didn't want to talk about her split from the former NFL player.

The Bachelor's Cassie Randolph

The Bachelor Nation beauty said she told producers up front that she didn't want to talk about her split from the former NFL player.

Cassie Randolph says she’s “annoyed” and “irritated” by an edited version of an interview she did with Chris Harrison for The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever! that focused on her recent split from Colton Underwood.

During a remote appearance on the ABC special, host Chris Harrison was shown asking Cassie the reason for her breakup from the former Bachelor star, and she repeatedly brushed him off by saying it’s “a sensitive subject” that she’s not ready to talk about in detail.

Cassie also denied that Colton’s coronavirus diagnosis contributed to the couple’s relationship troubles, and she told Harrison there’s really nothing left for “people to know.”

The nearly 3-minute interview focused solely on Cassie and Colton’s breakup, and Harrison noted that Cassie appeared to have her guard up.

But after the interview aired on ABC, Cassie took to her Instagram stories to express her frustration over how the edited version of the interview came across.

“So I’m a little irritated about a few things right now,” Cassie told her followers in a video message.

“Just watched the Bachelor interview that they aired and I feel like I’m speaking to no one… I’ve said this a million times, you guys cannot judge something that you know is edited and know nothing about.”

Cassie revealed that she was flooded with nasty messages from viewers who said it was “disprespectful” of her to go on The Bachelor special to talk about the breakup — particularly without Colton there with her.

The blond beauty added that there was “so much more” that was discussed in the interview besides her relationship with Colton, including talk about her new tattoo, her ongoing schooling, and her thoughts on Trista Sutter’s season of The Bachelorette.

Cassie revealed that she even told producers up front that she would not talk about the breakup during her appearance. The speech therapist added that there is a lot more to her than just her past relationship with The Bachelor star, so she was annoyed that was all that was shown.

“That’s not what it was supposed to be about,” Cassie said of the interview.

In replies to the video of the interview posted on The Bachelor’s official YouTube page, several fans noted that Harrison was repeatedly trying to “pull something” out of Cassie that she clearly didn’t want to talk about.

Others agreed that Cassie said a whole lot of “nothing” in the interview, which makes sense considering she started out by saying she didn’t want to talk about her breakup with The Bachelor star at all.