Anais Zanotti Flaunts Booty In Colorful Leggings In Hardcore Back Workout Videos

Anais Zanotti takes a selfie.
Anais Zanotti / Instagram

Anais Zanotti flaunted her booty in her latest Instagram workout offering. She posted a series of six hardcore video clips that showed her fans how to target their back muscles. Her booty was also on display in her colorful leggings, showing off her curvy backside.

Anais often shares her workout videos with her fans on her social media pages. She started off the week with a back workout that she did at the gym. As she pointed out, she was enjoying the gym while she still could. Miami is imposing lockdown restrictions again due to the resurgence of the coronavirus.

The model looked amazing in a red sports bra that could double as a crop top. The top had a broad underband to support Anais as she exercised, as well as an interesting back detail. While the top had spaghetti straps that sat wide across her shoulders, it had a second pair of straps that crisscrossed at the back. She put her shredded back, shoulder, and arm muscles on display as she exercised.

However, it was Anais’ leggings that caused a stir among her fans. The high-waisted pants clung to her minuscule waist in white stretchy fabric. The next section of the leggings featured a red floral fabric that stretched over her thick booty. The horizontally striped white material covered the rest of Anais’ shapely thighs before ending at her knees. The fabric finally alternated to the bright floral fabric again to cover her calves.

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Anais styled her hair in a high ponytail and let her brown locks tumble down her back in casual disarray. Her only other visible accessories were a watch and some wrist weights she wore to increase the difficulty of her workout.

The influencer’s routine began with a wide grip lateral pull-down on the machine, before she moved on to a cable rope row. In this particular video, fans could see Anais’ firm booty as she stood with her feet shoulder-length apart and bent forward from her hips.

Anais then performed some lateral pushdowns and showed her fans how important it was to keep the hold in the hammer grip lateral pull down. The fitness instructor completed a set of seated rows before ending her routine with some good old-fashioned pull-ups.

The social media star’s fans loved the workout clips and raced to the comments section to air their thoughts.

“This outfit Anais…” one fan gushed.

Another follower complimented the trainer on the workout and her outfit.

“You are such an inspiration. I absolutely love your outfit,” they raved.

A third Instagram user called Anais “the pearl of the gym” and further encouraged her.

“Go for it Anais,” they wrote.

Over 525,000 people follow Anais on Instagram alone and she boasts a very high engagement rate, as she consistently interacts with her fans. In fact, this specific snap has already garnered more than 4,500 views.