Lauren Drain Leaves Little To The Imagination In Curve-Hugging Mini Dress

Lauren Drain poses for a picture
Courtesy Photo

Lauren Drain added some serious heat to her page when she shared a sizzling new shot that captured her in a curve-hugging dress. The post was added to her feed on Monday, and Drain’s fans have been loving the sight.

The hot new upload showed the model staring into a mirror that sat directly in front of her. She posed indoors but did not use a geotag that indicated her exact location. The floor-length mirror was lined with a rustic frame, and its reflection showed a simple patterned rug with a coffee table on top. The image was snapped from behind Drain, capturing her entire figure. She held one arm slightly in front of her and used the opposite hand to grab her elbow. She cocked her head slightly to the side and parted her lips to flash a glimpse of her teeth.

The model opted for a curve-hugging dress that left little to the imagination. The garment appeared to be constructed of silk and boasted a tan hue that was the perfect complement to Drain’s bronzed figure. The dress was backless and allowed her to show off her sculpted back and shoulders. The slinky number covered little more than what was necessary, and its daringly short length showed off her toned stems. A slit on the side revealed that Drain was likely pantyless underneath the garment.

The front of the dress boasted a plunging neckline that dipped low into Drain’s cleavage. The piece appeared to have a halterneck top while the fabric around Drain’s midsection showcased her tiny waist. Like the back of the piece, the front hit a few inches down her thighs, highlighting her muscular quads. The fitness model completed her look with a pair of strappy heels that matched the color of her dress.

Drain styled her platinum blond locks with a side part, and her hair cascaded over her shoulders. The social media star was all done-up with a bold application of makeup that helped make her striking features pop. The look appeared to include defined brows, mascara, blush, highlighter, and dark red lipstick.

It comes as no surprise that the photo has been double-tapped over 29,000 times. An additional 230 fans took their admiration a step further and left comments for the former nurse.

“Absolute beautiful goddess,” one follower complimented with a variety of emoji.

“You’re so beautiful babe princess,” a second social media user added.

“Absolutely stunning beauty with the body of a goddess,” another admirer wrote.