Katelyn Runck Sizzles In A Figure-Hugging Green Dress With A Low-Cut Neckline

Katelyn Runck takes a selfie.
Katelyn Runck / Instagram

In an Instagram update posted today, fitness model Katelyn Runck tantalized her 2.1 million followers in a figure-hugging dress that accentuated her fit physique. Katelyn didn’t include a geotag on the post to indicate where the picture was taken, but she appeared to be in a luxurious-looking house.

Katelyn rocked a sleeveless dress in a stunning sage green hue, and the look showed off her sculpted shoulders and arms to perfection. The dress also had a low-cut neckline that flaunted a tantalizing amount of cleavage. The garment stretched over her ample assets before skimming over her slim waist and curvaceous hips and ending several inches down her thighs.

In the first snap, Katelyn posed next to a white wall and braced herself on the surface with one elbow. She had both arms raised above her head and had gathered her long brunette locks into a bun with one of her hands. One foot was planted on the ground while the other was bent. She paired the delicate green dress with some beige strappy sandals that added several inches of height to her frame.

In the second snap, Katelyn used the wall as a prop again, but instead of bracing her arm, she rested her pert posterior on the surface. Katelyn lowered her arms, allowing her long brunette locks to tumble down her chest in voluminous curls. The dress hugged her curves as she leaned forward slightly, accentuating her toned figure.

Rather than looking seductively at the camera in the third shot, as she did in the first two, Katelyn stayed positioned against the wall while she gazed off into the distance. She gathered her hair atop her head once again with one hand while her other hand stayed by her side.

She finished off the post, as she frequently does, with a short video clip that gave her fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the photoshoot process. The other side of the white wall she was posing beside featured a waterfall feature that made a huge statement in the space, although Katelyn’s curves remained the focal point of the video.

Her fans absolutely loved the post, and it racked up over 6,100 likes as well as 501 comments within just 44 minutes.

“It’s official! You are my favorite Instagram model,” one fan remarked.

“Gorgeous as always, beautiful style, hairstyle, great post as always,” another fan added.

“Every pic is better than the other… you look absolutely stunning,” a third fan commented.

“Flawless beauty,” one follower wrote simply.

Whether she’s rocking cocktail attire or activewear, Katelyn always manages to show off her enviable figure. Yesterday, as The Inquisitr reported, she shared a post in which she rocked a revealing sports bra and pale yellow leggings.