‘The Bachelor’ Fans Demand To Know What Happened To Alex Michel After Chris Harrison Says He Can’t Find Him

The Season 1 'Bachelor' star was missing from ABC's update show and fans want to know why.

The Bachelor star Alex Michel with Chris Harrison

The Season 1 'Bachelor' star was missing from ABC's update show and fans want to know why.

The Bachelor fans are speaking out following a TV special about the first season of the ABC dating show that gave no update on missing original franchise star, Alex Michel.

While the ABC special The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever! provided an update on the franchise’s first “winner,” Amanda Marsh, host Chris Harrison had some bizarre news about OG Bachelor Alex, who made history as the star of the show’s inaugural season back in 2002.

During the Greatest Seasons Ever! special, the longtime Bachelor host revealed that producers have been trying to “get ahold” of Alex for years but can’t find him anywhere.

“For the record, we did reach out to Alex Michel many, many times, trying to get him on tonight’s show, to recap what has been such a historic part of this franchise, and we have not been able to find him. So, Alex, if you’re out there, you’re always welcome back in our Bachelor family,” Harrison announced, per CinemaBlend.

On the update show, Amanda revealed that she kept up a long-distance relationship with Alex for about a year and that they stayed in contact even after their split. But Amanda added that the last time she spoke to Alex was six years ago, and then he dropped off the radar and she hasn’t heard from him since.

Alex Michel and Amanda Marsh from the television reality show, "The Bachelor" attend the premiere of "Spider-Man" April 29, 2002 in Westwood, CA.
  Robert Mora / Getty Images

In comments to an Instagram photo of Alex standing with Harrison outside of The Bachelor mansion — a post that you can see here — fans were not buying the explanation that the original Bachelor just dropped off the face of the earth and has no internet imprint.

“Does Alex have an Instagram? How did we just lose the first Bachelor like this?” one fan wrote in the comments.

“I was wondering the same thing,” another user added. “I mean what if he is being held hostage somewhere… what if he needs help? I mean how can he not be found?”

“I mean is he in a bunker?” another person asked. “With LinkedIn and social media and Google and stockadude.com…. You’d think we could track him down? I’ll start searching too!”

Others said they think Bachelor producers know how to find Alex but the problem is that the former reality star has completely distanced himself from the show and doesn’t want to re-live his days as ABC’s leading man.

Fans know that not long after his season of The Bachelor aired more than 18 years ago, Alex stepped out of the public eye after a short stint as a spokesman for Match.com. In 2005, he went back into the business world, according to TV Insider. Alex’s LinkedIn page states he now lives in Washington, D.C. and works as a digital media executive. The Harvard and Stanford grad doesn’t have The Bachelor on his resume.