Instagram Golf Hottie Lucy Robson Sizzles In Tight-Fitting Dress On The Golf Course

Lucy Robson posts a selfie on Instagram
Lucy Robson / Getty Images

Instagram model Lucy Robson showed off her curvy body on a golf course in her latest upload. For the post, she was photographed in a body-hugging black dress that gave fans a view of her assets and hourglass figure.

The 25-year-old is renowned for her skills on the links, as well as her jaw-dropping beauty. For this snap, she posed next to a golf bag and had a sensual gaze on her gorgeous face.

Robson was photographed from the thighs up with her body slightly turned to the side. She stood on a green, as multiple sand traps on the course could be seen in the background, with a line of large trees in the distance. The British beauty had her long blond hair parted and tied in a loose braid. Her left hand grabbed onto a putter that had a “RAD” cover and sat inside a gray bag.

The Cal Poly product looked off-camera with her mouth slightly agape. Her right arm hung by her side, and her right leg was forward in a pose which helped accentuate her curvaceous figure. Robson sported a small black dress from YOINS clothing. The number was sleeveless with a collar, and the golfer left the outfit unbuttoned to expose a bit of her decolletage. She wore a pendant necklace, and a black hair tie securing her braid complemented the ensemble. Fans were treated to a view of her ample assets and eye-catching curves.

In her caption, Robson asked users to chime in with their personal motto. She tagged the clothing retailer and putter company Swag Golf.

Many of the models’ 844,000 Instagram followers found their way to the golf course photo, and more than 35,000 showed their approval by tapping the “like” button. Robson received over 460 comments, and her replies were swamped with heart emoji. Her comments section was littered with compliments about her beauty and attire, as well as responses to her caption.

“My motto is no matter how badly you are playing be thankful that you can,” one fan wrote.

“Wow you look great I find you very beautiful in this new black dress,” an admirer replied.

“That driver cover though,” another person responded while adding a lightning bolt emoji.

“My motto whilst playing golf is always ‘it could be worse,'” a follower commented.

As covered by The Inquisitr, Robson showed off her curvy backside in a workout video last week. She shared several lower-body exercises while rocking a pair of white leggings. That post earned over 12,000 likes.