‘Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate’ Getting Wii U Gamepad Only Playable Update Next Week

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is getting an update for its Wii U version that will allow for gamers to play using the gamepad only if they so choose. The update is slated to hit early next week.

The game has been exceedingly popular since it was released on the platform, to the point where Nintendo has actually run into supply issues in certain regions.

It only makes sense that the game makers would allow for the ability to take advantage of one of the Wii U’s top selling point. Capcom announced that players in the United States should be able to access the update on April 15.

Gamers in other regions will likely get to see the update a few days later if everything sticks to the norm. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate players will also get the ability to play the game across different regions for the first time with the update.

The ability to play across different regions is actually something that Capcom originally wasn’t all too keen on. The company says that they have gone back on their original intent to keep the regions separate thanks to “community feedback.”

The company had actually announced that they would be bringing this particular patch way back in February. Its a safe bet that gamers have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the ability to actually use the gamepad as a sort of portable console since they got the news.

The game is one of those that looks plenty good on a smaller screen, and being able to play off the television means you can actually play the game wherever you are even if someone else is watching television.

Being able to play people who might be living a continent away from you is just added bonus to the patch.

Are you a Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate fan who will be affected by this patch?