'Siesta Key' Fans Tell Brandon Gomes To 'Run' As Girlfriend Camilla Crushes His Career Dreams In Brutal Scene

Siesta Key fans are freaking out over a sneak peek scene that shows Brandon Gomes getting criticized by his girlfriend, Camilla Cattaneo, just after they rekindled their relationship following a lengthy breakup.

In a scene from the upcoming episode of the MTV reality show, Brandon, aka BG, was shown meeting Camilla for drinks after his first day at a new office job. But within seconds of a celebratory toast, she began criticizing him and his career goals.

After dissing BG's work backpack and telling him he needs a professional briefcase, Camilla revealed that her ideal guy is a man who wears a tie and sits at a desk.

"That's what anyone wants," she said. "That's the man that I want to be with."

When BG realized that meant Camilla wasn't down with his future goal of being a musician, she confirmed that she doesn't think music was a suitable career for him.

"Music, you're great at it and whatnot, but like, it's not a real job," she said.

BG then said he planned to work to invest in his music career and buy a Tesla, but Camilla told him his plans were "unrealistic." She then told BG he should be thinking about saving money for them to move in together, which caused him to tell her she needs to "slow it down."

In comments to the clip posted on the official Siesta Key Instagram page, many fans had just one word for BG -- "Run!"

"WOW!! Run Brandon RUNNN!!!" one fan wrote. "Your music is GREAT and if the person you're with doesn't support ANY one of your dreams you don't need them in your life!!"

"Yikes. Someone who doesn't support the dreams of someone they say they love... might not actually love you for you," a second person commented.

"Damn tearing the man doooooown [Camilla Cattaneo]," another added.

"Damn BG don't quit chasin the dream, my guy," a fourth Siesta Key fan wrote.

Of course, fans who follow BG on Instagram see that it appears he and Camilla are still together months after filming the questionable scene. New photos posted on both their Instagram pages show the two posing together on the beach in recent weeks.

But it also seems that Camilla has warmed up to BG's career as a musician. In the teaser for the video for his song "Dancing in the Moonlight," which you can see here, his girlfriend appears in the clip.

BG's relationship issues currently playing out on Siesta Key come weeks after former star Alex Kompothecras was fired from his starring role on the MTV reality show.