Bebe Rexha Flaunts Her Curves In Tight Gingham Mini Dress, Teases 'I Feel Pretty Today'

Songstress Bebe Rexha took to TikTok on Monday afternoon to show off her latest look and her fans loved it. The singer seemed to be out and about and looked both sexy and adorable in a casual, flirty ensemble.

The TikTok video started with Bebe facing the camera as she stood outdoors. She had her hair pulled back into a sleek ponytail, her current darker hair color dominating over her blond ends. She had a jean jacket clutched in one hand and white sneakers on her feet.

Bebe wore a couple of gold chains around her neck and had what appeared to be a Louis Vuitton mini backpack slung over her shoulders. Her makeup look was relatively subdued, making it perfect for a daytime outing.

She appeared to have some brown eyeshadow and mascara on, along with a light lip color. She also had what seemed to be a white polish on her fingernails.

In the caption, Bebe wished all of her "loves" a happy Monday and used the Electric Light Orchestra song "Mr. Blue Sky" as an accompaniment to her short clip. She added text to the update, noting that she felt pretty in this outfit.

Bebe wore a black-and-white gingham-print mini dress for her Monday excursion. After posing for a second initially, she then took a step toward the video camera and flaunted some cleavage as she leaned forward to blow a kiss.

The singer turned and rested one hand gently against the tree behind her so she could swivel, kick one foot back in a playful manner, and showcase her curvy backside. The bottom hem of the dress landed mid-thigh on her figure.

The form-fitting outfit perfectly hugged all of Bebe's incredible curves and seemingly gave her plenty of confidence. Within a few hours, the entertainer's TikTok video had already been viewed almost 160,000 times.

This look was clearly a hit, as the post also was also liked almost 40,000 times and received more than 800 comments.

"You are beautiful everyday my love," one of her fans wrote.

"Yes slay queen you are so pretty I'm glad you saw the beauty inside and out that day," another follower shared.

A couple of weeks ago, Bebe posed in a bikini to showcase her curves for her millions of fans, and they clearly approved. This new mini dress look might have been a wee bit more conservative, but it was tight and revealing enough to let her saucy personality shine through.

"You are always pretty bebe!!!!!!! XD love your outfit!!!! Such a cute summer look!!!! :D keep on being beautiful!!!!" someone else wrote with an enthusiasm that many other followers seemed anxious to echo.