Miami Man Gives Female Judge The Finger, Drops F-Bombs At Bail Hearing [Video]

A Miami courtroom was the scene of yet another meltdown with a suspect behaving badly.

You’ll recall that back in early February, Penelope Soto, 18, who gave Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat the finger, was initially jailed for 30 days in jail for contempt of court. She later apologized to the judge who let her off the hook.

In the latest incident a defendant flipping out and flipping off a Miami-Dade Circuit Court judge, it was a 24-year-old man and Judge Ellen Sue Venzer.

Jodel Leveille was arrested in connection with alleged domestic violence on his girlfriend and resisting arrest. During what ordinarily should be a routine bond hearing before Judge Venzer yesterday, the suspect shouted at the judge that “you can’t judge me!”and then followed up with F-bombs, calling the judge a bitch, and grabbing his crotch. See embedded video below. He reportedly faces charges of battery on a law enforcement officer and criminal mischief. The man was apparently upset that the judge found probably cause on a battery charge.

During Leveille’s tirade, Judge Venzer kept her composure and did not jail him for contempt, even though she had every right to.

The judge sent the suspect back to his cell to cool down and meet with his public defender. In the afternoon court session, he was still somewhat combative:

“I got nothing to say to you, judge. You and the officers that beat my ass can go to hell. That girl stabbed me and I am the one to go to prison. I am the victim here. I don’t have no apologies to say to nobody.”

His outburst continued even after the conclusion of the brief bond hearing.

The judge increased his bond to $17,000 (from $11,500) and ordered a mental health evaluation for him.

What do you think of the suspect’s courtroom demeanor?