Gabrielle Union Shows Off Bikini Bod In Stunning Bathing Suit Snap

Gabrielle Union showed off her bikini body in a stunning bathing suit snap uploaded to Instagram on Sunday. The gorgeous actress posed for the image wearing a two-piece suit and a cover-up to the delight of her 16.2 million social media followers, who loved the casual and easygoing vibe the photo gave off. In the caption, Gabrielle stated she either was searching for or had "peace of mind."

The photo may have been taken at the home the actress shares with her basketball pro-player husband Dwyane Wade.

In the image seen below, Gabrielle stood tall and appeared to have a determined look on her face. She wore little makeup in the share, allowing her natural beauty to shine through. Her hair was styled in long cornrows that were fashioned with natural wood beads as an accent. The star of the feature film Bring It On stunned in a brown woven bikini. The top appeared to have straps that started in her cleavage and pulled up and around her neck in a halter-style top. The front of the top of the suit had a crocheted style of material, adding visual interest to the remainder of the bikini top, which was plain and brown. The bottom of the swimwear fell below her bellybutton, and the material matched the top of the suit.

The sun shined brightly on the actress's legs, highlighting her body and the striking white, blue, and red pattern of her cover-up. She stood in front of what appeared to be an outdoor area that was awash in earth tones, including a white tiled floor. A natural-looking wood table anchored two chairs in gray tones that were accented with off-white pillows.

Beyond that area was what appeared to be an infinity pool. Surrounding the striking water feature was a lush backyard area filled with greenery. A blue-and-pink sky was visible in the distance, giving the entire photo an ethereal, overall feel.

Fans of the actress thought she looked spectacular in the snap. They posted their feelings in the comments section of the share.

"I just heard Beyonce's 'Grown Woman' on full blast through this photo," applauded one Instagram user.

"I love you more & more every day," commented a second social media user of the natural-looking snap.

"Get it girl!" stated a third fan and follower.

"I swear you are reverse aging!" said a fourth fan, who followed up their comment with the hashtag "#BenjaminButton," referencing the film character played by Brad Pitt, who ages in reverse.