Amanda Kloots: Who Is Nick Cordero’s Wife?

Nick Cordero and Amanda Kloots attends the "Going In Style" New York Premiere at SVA Theatre on March 30, 2017 in New York City..
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Amanda Kloots is the wife of Broadway actor Nick Cordero. As The Inquisitr reported, Cordero passed away from coronavirus complications Sunday, July 5.

Throughout the Broadway actor’s extended hospital battle with COVID-19, after contracting the novel coronavirus in March, Kloots became a fixture on social media, as she offered detailed and often very emotional updates. With Cordero’s passing on Sunday, she is now receiving an outpouring of support and love from those same fans.

Kloots And Cordero Shared A Young Son

Amanda Kloots poses with her family.
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Kloots and Cordero were married in 2017 and had a 1-year-old son, Elvis.

Kloots regularly shared pictures of the family together online and updates about the milestones Elvis was hitting — including some significant moments that Cordero missed while he was in the ICU fighting complications from the coronavirus infection.

As USA Today noted, that included Elvis taking his first steps.

“We have a walker. Elvis took his first steps today,” Kloots shared in a series of Instagram stories last month. “I missed them, but his grandparents saw them and then as soon as he saw me, he did it for me. So that was really cute. Of course my mind went right to Nick and Nick missing that moment. That wasn’t easy.”

Kloots Regularly Updated Fans On Her Husband’s Condition

Amanda Kloots poses at a store opening.
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During Cordero’s extended battle with COVID-19, Kloots regularly offered long and detailed updates to fans about his condition and what doctors described as his long odds at survival and recovery.

The messages, posted to her Instagram account, detailed the initial struggles, as the actor was hospitalized and ultimately lost a leg. In recent weeks, his condition continued to worsen and Kloots shared in the days before his death that Cordero would likely need a double lung transplant — a procedure he was not strong enough to endure.

The updates were often very emotional. Late last month, Kloots shared that she had been optimistic that Cordero would have a good week but grew angry and frustrated when that didn’t happen.

“I had a hard day today. I cried all day basically. I got mad today too. I got mad at God,” Kloots shared in an update posted to her Instagram stories.

Through these updates, Kloots gained a significant following, including many who shared supportive messages and prayers for Cordero’s recovery. With her announcement on Sunday that Cordero had died, many reached out to offer their support to Kloots.

“He fought everyday for you and Elvis,” wrote fashion blogger and author Aimee Song. “I’m so sorry for your loss, Amanda. We’re all here for you.”

While Kloots spent plenty of time by her husband’s side — once he was healthy enough to have visitors — and taking care of their young son, she also continued her own work throughout his hospital battle. Kloots has her own fitness business, selling workout gear and publishing videos of workouts. This work continued as Cordero was in the hospital, which led some fans to criticize her.

As USA Today reported, Kloots addressed the negativity in an emotional post this week, saying that Cordero might never be able to work again, and could face a hefty hospital bill.

“There’s a lot in my life that is uncertain right now. I have a family, I have bills. I have no idea what Nick’s hospital bills are going to be,” Kloots shared in her Instagram stories. “I haven’t even tried to wrap my head around that yet, but I have a mortgage, I have a car payment, I have a son that is one years old that I want to send to college one day, or at least give him whatever I can.”