Donald Trump Spends Significant Portion Of Every Day Watching TV, Even In The Oval Office, John Bolton Says

A television plays inside the White House.
Mark WIlson / Getty Images

Donald Trump spends a significant portion of his time in the White House watching television — even when he’s in the Oval Office — John Bolton says.

The president’s former national security adviser has been opening up about the inner workings of Trump’s White House with the release of his tell-all book and subsequent interview tour. On Sunday, Bolton appeared on CBS’s Face the Nation and revealed that the president’s day includes what he described as regular television watching.

Bolton added that Trump isn’t always watching television when he’s being diverted from his work — sometimes he is talking to close friends and trusted advisers — but is usually never far from a television set.

“Well, I think it’s a combination of television and listening to people outside the government that — that he trusts for one reason or another,” Bolton said. “I think that if you could clock the amount of time he spent actually in the Oval Office versus the amount of time he spends in the little dining room off the Oval Office with the cable news networks of one form or another on, it would be a very interesting statistic.”

Bolton didn’t go further into exactly how much time Trump spends watching television, though he is not the first to hint that Trump spends the majority of his day following the events on TV. As The Inquisitr reported in February 2019, a leaked schedule showed that Trump regularly spends up to the first five hours of every day in what is called “executive time,” which includes no discernable work.

“Executive Time,” according to Politico, is used as “a euphemism for the unstructured time Trump spends tweeting, phoning friends and watching television.”

The president’s Twitter feed often reflects his television-watching habit. Trump frequently tweets quotes from some of his favorite Fox News programs and shares information he has heard in real time as the shows are being broadcast, sometimes copying the hosts’ phrases word-for-word.

Bolton has become sharply critical of Trump since leaving his White House post and recently published a book in which he claimed that Trump tried to press foreign leaders to help him win re-election. In interviews since the book was published, Bolton has said he will not support Trump’s 2020 re-election bid and believes that Trump is unfit to hold office.

Trump has responded by claiming that Bolton is a “disgruntled boring fool” who only seemed interested in pushing the country into war.