Mady Gosselin Takes To Instagram Following Wisdom Tooth Removal

Mady Gosselin shared a photo of herself shortly after getting her wisdom teeth removed.

Mady Gosselin looks on.
Amanda Edwards / Getty Images

Mady Gosselin shared a photo of herself shortly after getting her wisdom teeth removed.

Mady Gosselin, one of Kate and Jon Gosselin’s two twin daughters, took to Instagram on Sunday, July 5 to share a real and unfiltered photo of herself following surgery to remove her wisdom teeth. Mady, who is now 19 years old, assured followers that she was okay by flashing a peace sign post-surgery.

Mady laid back upon pillows as she recuperated from her wisdom teeth removal. She wore her glasses perched on the top of her head and her dark brown hair down naturally, some strands falling in her face. Her face appeared swollen, a bit of blood visible on her lip and the corner of her mouth. She held her mouth open, looking understandably in pain and uncomfortable following the procedure.

In order to aid with the pain, Mady had what appeared to be a bag of frozen vegetables pressed to one side of her face with another ice pack propped up against the other cheek.

In her caption, Mady noted that she felt okay and cracked a joke about her tooth removal. The post racked up over 8,000 likes in less than a day. She boasts a total of 115,000 followers on the account, which she stared in October of 2018 following her 18th birthday.

Many of her fans and followers took to the comments section to wish her a swift recovery as well as to share their own stories about having their wisdom teeth removed. Others offered their own tips and tricks for dealing with the pain during the recovery process.

“Ugh I’m 43 and still have my wisdom teeth. I dread the day the dentist tells me they have to go. Feel better!” one social media user remarked.

“Feel better soon! Love the way you referred to them as astute teeth-that is brilliant!” another person remarked.

“Lots of ice packs and medication. If this is day one, just wait till tomorrow, my face ballooned so bad. Here’s to a speedy recovery,” one of her followers told her.

“Praying for you. You are very brave. I need to get mine pulled but am so scared!” another person wrote.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Mady is not on speaking terms with her father Jon, nor are the majority of her siblings. However, two of the sextuplets, Collin and Hannah, live with Jon and his girlfriend Colleen Conrad full time. Mady and her twin sister Cara remain with their mother Kate when they are not in college, as do the remaining sextuplet children.