July 6, 2020
Woman Wins Battle Against COVID-19 And Then Delivers Healthy Triplets

The Woman's Hospital of Texas recently took to Facebook to share the story of one of their former patients who not only beat COVID-19 but then gave birth to a set of healthy triplets. The woman, identified only as Maggie, also shared her reflections on the hard-fought journey and some of the lessons she learned as a mother, according to The New York Post.

Maggie was already 28 weeks pregnant with her triplets when she found out she had tested positive for the coronavirus during a planned doctor's visit. At the time, she had not been showing symptoms of the virus and was only tested because it was the protocol at the hospital where she and her babies were being monitored.

The Facebook post went on to explain how Maggie had been shocked by her diagnosis as she had been careful to remain in quarantine since the very beginning of the pandemic. She was also concerned about how her diagnosis would affect her pregnancy and worried about spreading the virus to her husband or 4-year-old son. Nevertheless, she remained positive and determined to beat COVID-19 and be there for her family.

Maggie would remain in the hospital for weeks as the virus ran its course. She was tested for COVID-19 five different times during her hospitalization, with her last two tests coming back negative. This would be the end of one trial and the beginning of another as she soon learned one of her babies had the umbilical cord wrapped around its neck. In order to ensure the safety of all three of the babies, Maggie had to give birth through a C-section without the support of her husband, who had previously tested positive for COVID-19. All three children were born healthy.

A baby sleeps.
Getty Images | Sean Gallup

The Woman's Hospital of Texas applauded Maggie's strength.

"The doctors and nurses were amazed by how well Maggie did. She and her babies, who arrived in perfect ABC order, were healthy, safe and undeniably resilient."

Maggie reflected upon the experience and explained how she got through.

"As a mom, you want control, but right now, you have to accept that you don't have control of everything. You have to let other people help you and remember you aren't alone. Look forward to each day and celebrate every small victory."

As The Inquisitr previously reported, pregnant women have been advised by health officials to ensure they are taking extra precautions and practicing social distancing during the pandemic.