Bri Teresi Absolutely Stuns In Miniskirt And Tight, Slitted Top

Model Bri Teresi attends the GUESS x J Balvin launch party.
Phillip Faraone / Getty Images

With her July 5 update, fitness guru, model, and influencer Bri Teresi showed that she doesn’t always need to sport a skimpy bikini to look absolutely stunning on Instagram. In her latest offering for her 1 million followers on the platform, she stunned while wearing a frilled miniskirt and a tight, slitted top that pleasingly accentuated her natural curves and athletic form in a striking snapshot.

The photo was taken by visual artist Jeremy Lee, who was tagged and credited by the 25-year-old in her post. In the adjoining caption, Teresi — who has appeared on the pages of FHM, GQ, and Maxim — also prompted her admirers to share their go-to pickup lines. Some obliged, while others were content to share their appreciation for Teresi’s most recent serving of eye candy.

“Do you work in a bank cos you’ve got my interest!” wrote one fan.

“Can I buy you a drink?” asked another; a request which was humorously shot down in short order by Teresi, who replied, “I don’t really drink.”

“Are you a speeding ticket, because you have FINE written all over you…happy Sunday, Bri!” joked a third admirer, adding the hashtags “#BaberahamLincoln” and “#WifeyGoals,” among others.

“Skipping of heart beat while watching this picture is normal right?” affirmed another commenter.

In the photo itself, Teresi was snapped while posing before a large window with a wooden frame surrounded by a beige wall. The background was further decorated with a series of large pots and vases in blue and white, which contained leafy green plants. However, it was Teresi’s tall, slender visage that dominated the frame.

While her right leg was planted firmly downward with the sole of her shoe and its stiletto heel touching the pavement, Teresi bent her other leg at the knee, lifting her foot off the ground and showing off the full scope of her long, lower half. She further teased fans by lifting her frilled skirt on the same side, revealing more of her tight thigh as a result.

Just above the upper end of her skirt, there was a slight separation before her top began, and more of her skin was shown. The top’s slit, which was cut down the middle of the garment from the bottom up, exposed even more skin. While her shoulders and bustline were covered, the shirt’s tightness did little to obscure the shape of her curvaceous assets.

As of this writing, Teresi’s post has been double-tapped more than 2,000 times, while well over 100 comments have been left by the Bri faithful.

Teresi has been heating up Instagram on a regular basis recently. As shared previously by The Inquisitr, she posted a video update last week in which she showered with fellow model Veronica Cruz.