Lindsey Pelas Flaunts Cleavage In Strapless Nude Bikini Top During A Walk On The Beach

Lindsey wore a mismatched two-piece that left little to the imagination.

Lindsey Pelas poses for a photograph
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Lindsey wore a mismatched two-piece that left little to the imagination.

Lindsey Pelas sported a skimpy bikini top that could barely contain her bombshell curves during a seaside stroll. On Sunday, the model and podcast host took to Instagram to treat her 8.9 million followers to a video of her walk on the beach. Her admirers were quick to let her know how much they appreciated the post.

Lindsey’s video was a promotional shoot for Bang Energy drink. She often rocks revealing swimwear in her ads for the beverage brand, and her latest look definitely didn’t disappoint fans. Her mismatched bikini included a nude bandeau top that was a few shades lighter than her flawless skin. Its color was also lacking the warm tones of her sun-kissed complexion.

The strapless garment featured a lace-up detail in the center of the bust. The strings were cinched tight and secured in a large bow that hung down over Lindsey’s taut midriff. The loops reached her navel, while the ends of the strings dangled down much further. The ends were adorned with small tassels that bounced against Lindsey’s thighs as she walked. In some shots, they were also being tossed around by the wind.

Lindsey’s top looked like it was possibly a few sizes too small, and her colossal cleavage spilled over the stretchy garment’s low neckline. The model also suffered a slight amount of lower spillage, so a hint of underboob could be seen in some scenes.

Lindsey’s bikini bottoms were white with a low front and sides that hit right above the curviest part of her shapely hips. She briefly turned to the side at one point in her video, revealing that the garment had a thong back. This shot provided a peek at her pert posterior.

It looked like Lindsey opted for a glamorous makeup application that enhanced her natural beauty. She wore her long blond hair styled in beachy waves. A sea breeze blew her tresses around as she strutted her stuff in the sand.

The opening shot of Lindsey’s video provided a full view of her long, lean legs. She had a little bounce in her step, which likely kept many of her viewers’ eyes glued to her chest.

In the span of an hour, her video racked up over 14,000 likes.

“That’s quite the view,” read one fan’s response to her Instagram post. “The beach looks pretty nice too.”

“What an amazing beauty you are, simply stunning,” another commenter wrote.

“I could watch you bounce all day,” remarked a third admirer.

Lindsey’s Instagram followers also couldn’t quit gushing over a video that she uploaded to her account last weekend. It showed the model rocking a different mismatched bikini and showing off her badminton skills.